The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Secrets & Survival

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We are mere hours away from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale.

But The CW just released its 2013-2014 schedule and, along with it, an official press release that teased what's ahead in Mystic Falls... on SEASON 5!

Consider yourself SPOILER WARNED and scroll down if you want to read through a couple clues regarding what's on tap following tonight's "Graduation."

Old Elena?

Come October, according to the network itself...

The series heads into its fifth season with some characters headed off to college, a newly cured vampire trying to survive as a human, and a shocking Salvatore secret.

So there we have it! Someone WILL take the cure. Seniors WILL graduate. And the past will seemingly come back to haunt Damon and Stefan. Hmmm... sound off with your theories now!

UPDATE, 5/19: In an interview with TV Guide, Julie Plec says Bonnie will still play a key role on Season 5; Elena will struggle with protecting her secret in college; Jeremy will have problems readjusting to life; Matt and Rebekah will still be together when we catch back up with them; and it won't be long until people learn Silas' true identity.

UPDATE, 5/29: In an interview with TV Line, meanwhile, Plec says Whitmore College will play a key Season 5 role, bringing new characters and love interests into the picture.

UPDATE, 6/18: At the ATX Television Festival, Julie Plec said Delena really will give it a go on Season 5 as a couple, while Jeremy will have a tough time explaining his revival. D'uh!

UPDATE, 6/27: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will premiere on Thursday, October 10.

UPDATE, 6/28: The premiere will introduce at least three new characters.

UPDATE, 7/13: Olga Fonda has been cast as Nadia... and Kendrick Sampson as Jesse.

UPDATE, 7/17: The series is looking for an actress to play Tessa, a revenge-fueled ex-girlfriend of Stefan's,.

UPDATE, 8/1: The premiere will be titled "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

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I love damon im so happy she picked him I so would off


i actually agree with just a fan opinion, silus might be disguising as elena and told damon about her 'feeling'. poor damon, again. i love him, but i still think it will always be stefan :)


I don't know why everyone sounds so angry, but I love DELENA!!!!
I love Damon since the first time I saw him, I mean, why people keep talking "why Stefan got screwed again?!" Hey, he always gets the girl from Katherine to Elena, even when Damon met Elena first. I think Damon's love for Elena is as big as Stefan, so I'm happy!
and I want to see Caroline and Klaus together, and I want to see how Jeremy and others react to Delena new pairing, it must be different from Stelena.
I can't wait!!!!


I am so upset! Poor Stefan got screwed over AGAIN!! I was really rooting for Stelena. Ever since season one, Elena and Stefan have had this special kind of connection that was so sweet and caring. Stefan is such a class act, whereas Damon... just, doesn't seem like The One for Elena! I love Damon, don't get me wrong, but I'm not a Delena fan at all. And Stefan's doppelgänger is Silas?! What?? That seems so random! And then Stefan gets thrown in a lake?! I'm so upset! Now everyone is gonna think Silas is Stefan! And if Stefan is locked under the water, is he gonna die?! And how can we have hope for Stelena if he has trapped under the water?? :'( it just seems like Stelena/Stefan got screwed really bad this season.
AND I also want to know, how closely is the show following the books, anyone who has read all of them? I want to know who Elena ends up with; or if that's relevant at all if the show isn't following the books. Someone comfort me!! :(


Since Silas was there, he could have been Elena telling Damon how she felt. So then everyone will assume he left town. Silas can change into whomever he wants and can run rampant in mystic falls n


I just finished watching the ep. And I'm in tears, she choose Damon? I mean maybe they bring out the best of each other, that's why their together. I was hoping " It will always be Stephan " quote would work its magic, but it didn't. Shows still very interesting though, I wonder where they're journey of being together will take them. I really have hopes for Caroline and Klaus. I can't wait to see what leads to that. Over all the shows good never gets boring. People complain but I mean, what's their to complain about with the Vampire Diaries, AND The Originals coming this fall! So pumped for fall I want summer to be over!


poor stefan but hey, stefan had katherine in he past , i think damon can have a chance with elena im soo freaking happy for them yey!!!! can't wait for season 5!!!!


I AM DONE WITH THIS SHOW! Seriously?! Stefan is the one who needs to suffer AGAIN?!


Only 2 good things that happened in this ep. 1st Jeremy is alive. 2nd Katherine is human. Then there are like 10 bad things like Bonnie dead what?? And poor Stefan just found out that Silas is his doppelgänger and the girl he loved just choose his brother over him.


The season finale is jus wow. i cried alot in this episode. does anyone know when season 5 is showing cause i cant wait

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