The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: A Ghost at Graduation?

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Bonnie is right. She's run into a bit of a "snag" in her quest to defeat Silas and keep Jeremy alive and well.

So this witch explains to Caroline in the following sneak peek at Thursday's Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale, though Bonnie leaves out one tiny detail: she's dead. She's a ghost. She's hanging with Grams on The Other Side, only able to be seen by her friends because The Veil remains down.

Based on the photos from "Graduation," it looks as if Bonnie will actually attend the festivities in this unusual state, prompting the question: Will she be revived before all is said and done?

Or will the finale mark the final appearance of Bonnie Bennett in Mystic Falls? Watch and ponder now:

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Bonnie won't stay dead. The show needs a plot device to wish away all their mistakes and snags. Bonnie's death was shocking, for like, 5 seconds before realizing that it not isn't going to last but, nobody cares about a character that clearly the writers don't even care about.


I'm curious if some of the ghosts will be able to stay. Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus are all shipped to their own show and Plec already said there will be new characters next season - how about "new old ones" like Lexi and our favourite history teacher?
And wait, didn't she say in an interview Elena, Caroline AND BONNIE are going to college then? I'm not a Bonnie-Fan at all, but I really doubt she's dead for good.


This was really upsetting to watch, but I am holding out hope that Bonnie will find her way back from the dead. I’m so glad that I won’t miss out on the answer in the finale, even though I’ll be working late for my job at DISH. My DISH Anywhere app lets me stream shows on my DVR, to my tablet, which is great if I know I won’t be home for a show. My train ride home is always better when I get to watch episodes I missed.

Spindae 2o

ohhhhh! This will tear me up so much! Their goodbye will be the hardest thing to date.
But Bonnie won't leave without a Bang! I believe Julie will do us right. I hope 40 minutes will be enough to finish it up as pleased.

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