The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Welcome to Whitmore

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With The Originals on tap for this fall on The CW, taking away three key players from The Vampire Diaries universe, fans of the latter drama are understandably wondering:

What now?!? How will Julie Plec and company make up for the losses of Klaus, Claire and Elijah on The Vampire Diaries Season 5?

It's a question Plec has pondered and it's one that was answered in part by the title of the Season 4 finale: "Graduation."

Mystic Falls Graduation Day

“We’re definitely going to be entering an entire new world at Whitmore College, so we’ll get to meet new friends and new enemies,” Plec tells TV Line. “There’ll be a lot of new people entering our universe that we’ll get to know well - and then also maybe some new romantic interests for some of our characters.”

Hmmm... to whom might Plec be referring? Damon and Elena are together. Bonnie is a ghost. Stefan is locked in a submerged safe. Caroline will be welcoming home Tyler. But Matt will be left alone when Rebekah ditches him for New Orleans and perhaps Jeremy will desire a girlfriend he can actually touch.

We have until October to debate the possibilities. Are you excited for The Vampire Diaries: The College Years, TVD Fanatics?

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TVD is my favorite vampire show ever to me it totally kicks twilights butt and damon and elena are wonderful and hott together i hope there is not a dramatic change in the characters i really like the originals in the mix as well and i will miss bonnie terribly


damn thats true. poor jeremy has yet another girl that he loved that he can only see as a

Spindae 2o

Can't wait how they will enter S5! I hope they just don't miss the momentum like 90210 did in S4. They added some nice characters but didn't used their potential at all.
I believe we will get a Femme fatal for Damon. A girl/vampire which boosts his evil side.
I hope Tyler will die soon or find a new girl. His goes and comes backs just because he has a contract is nice he is even a worse tool than Katarina.
I just want some Saroline focus and I will be happy.

Sarah silva

Yes I am looking forward to the upcoming season, but October is far away.


It's a good thing to have a season without the Originals. Makes us want them even more. :)



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