True Blood Season 6 Preview: No One Lives Forever

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Events have been set in motion. It is the beginning of the end.

HBO has released a new preview for True Blood Season 6.

The latest promo features fresh footage and includes your first look at new characters, such as the Governor of Louisiana and his daughter, both of whom will play critical roles on the network smash this summer, as the state declares war against vampires.

Elsewhere, we see Sookie confronted by Bill, asking him if he truly believes he's God. The answer?  Check it out now for yourself, before it airs on television tomorrow night for the first time:

True Blood Season 6 premieres on June 16 and you can bookmark our True Blood video section for all new promos, teasers and clips.

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Oh come on, there are several characters I'd rather see die than Tara. Maybe around season 3 and 4 I wouldn't have mind to see her go, but they made her very tolerable again last season. I'm thinking someone like Jason or Andy.


im scared to see who is gonna die.... i dont want anyone to die!!!! the only person im willing to see leave is Tara i guess


If they kill off Eric I'm done I won't watch another episode.


THIS IS AWESOME. Can't waittt! #waitingsucksindeed

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Franklin [to Tara]

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