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Two and a Half Men Review: A Man of No Integrity

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With this being the penultimate episode of the season, Two and a Half Men put out a rather tepid half-hour.

One would assume that the show runners would try to ratchet up the action a little bit, granted whatever minute action you could possibly rustle up on a half-hour sitcom. 

With the series already renewed for an 11th season, the hope is that, in the fall, the series will come back stronger then ever.

Alan's Intentions

On to the action for tonight; “My Bodacious Vidalia” did nothing, other than just reaffirm our convictions, that Alan is a man of zero integrity.

Given, he could have grown, and matured from his disgusting antics while he was still with Lyndsey. But now, the reverse is the case, he is back to self-loathing and self-deprecating chiropractor that he once was.

Typical Alan, he slept with a woman, whose husband is a comatose pervert. But to be fair, she married her vegetable of a husband for his wealth. Maybe they do belong together. Sometimes, the depths to which he sinks are really mind-blowing.

Apart from that little disgusting “tidbit”, nothing major occurred tonight. Walden went on being normal, as normal anyone living with Alan could be, and Berta continued with the wisecracks, which you can read all about in our Two and a Half Men quotes section.

So what do you think of this week's episode? How do you think this season would conclude? 

Hit up the comments and share your thoughts.


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Well, I guess I am alone in having really enjoyed this episode. I laughed hysterically when Alan was trying to take off his Spanxx in the bathroom. Each to their own though.


John Cryer is a very good actor. That has nothing to do with the show.
His character doesn't hold up as a starring role. His character was in a supporting role. As despicable as Charlie was, he was 'likable.' 'Alan' is NOT likable. Too weak to hold the center of the show.
Get back to Walden or bring in a stronger character than the both.


I agree that Alan can't be the prime character. He has become one-dimensional and pretty loathsome. They need to show him with a bit more balance. He has become a total sponge (is he still a chiropractor?) with no redeeming qualities. It was funny watching him try to get out of his man spanx, however. I think Walden's character has some real potential and I've enjoyed many episodes where he was the focus. It appears they need Jake in more episodes too.


You do know that John Cryer won an Emmy this year for his Alan role? The problem this year was that Jake isn't around, and Walden is, um, just there.


"self-depreciating" isn't a word. Presumably you meant "self-deprecating" -- perhaps you should be a little more critical about your own work. Men this week was funny and just fine, considering the changes this year.


Have been a fan of TAHM since its inception. Have seen every episode. Last night's show struck a new low. The character "Alan" just can't support a leading role. His character has no redeeming attributes. At least Charlie had a good personality. Walden started off great. Why have you reduced his character as the 2nd banana??? If the show continues to push Alan as the star, you've lost me. And I watch reruns most every night as the "cartoon" before the main feature that I watch.