Courtney Ford Books True Blood Return

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True Blood is known for many things: Gore, death, nudity, sex... more nudity.

But clashes in the courtroom? Issues are typically settled in other ways in Bon Temps.

However, Courtney Ford has confirmed to TV Guide that she'll be reprising her role of Portia Bellefleur (the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Bill Compton) on at least one episode of True Blood Season 6 and she teases why in an interview with the publication:

"After watching the Season 5 finale, which was pretty intense and crazy, things are getting a little heated in Bon Temps and it stands to reason that someone is going to need a lawyer," Ford says.

Courtney Ford on True Blood

Viewers last saw Ford as Portia in Season 4 and can expect her return on Episode 7 this summer.

The actress has also appeared on such TV Fanatic favorites as Parenthood, Dexter and The Vampire Diaries.

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Is it true that "True Blood" t.v. series is made exclusively for true blood assholes, by 100% true assholes?


beautiful egg shaped face, we wish to be


About damn time, last time I saw her on tv was The Big Bang Theory.


I’m intrigued to see why Portia is returning to the show and if it will be linked to Bill’s transformation. I can’t wait to find out, and to make sure I don’t miss episodes; I’m setting up my DISH Hopper to record the season. With my late work shift at DISH, I record the seasons of shows I watch, so I don’t miss my shows. It’s great that with the amount of shows I watch, I don’t worry about running out of room with the 2,000 hours of storage space.

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