Game of Thrones Season 3 Report Card: A

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With so many storylines to keep track of, the biggest challenge facing Game of Thrones Season 3 was advancing the plot enough to keep fans engaged each week... without certain characters falling through the cracks. 

Such a task was made even more difficult this season as members of the various families were scattered across the realm. In the end, however, the development of existing characters and the introduction of new ones made for quite a thrilling ride.

Let's look back on some of the best parts and hand out a grade in the following TV Fanatic Report Card.

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Best Episode: In terms of just pure enjoyment, the title has to go to "And Now His Watch Has Ended." Mostly because the scene where Dany got her army - after revealing she could understand the insults of Kraznys all along - was as bad ass a moment as I have seen on the show. Throw in a little "dracarys" and I was giddy as Joffrey was when he learned Robb Stark was dead. 

Jamie actually elicited sympathy and respect from me after putting aside his own pain to save Brienne and I liked seeing the darker side of Varys as he opened the crate containing the sorcerer who had cut him years ago.

Most Shocking Moment: We had a hand cut off and a penis severed, but nothing shook me to the core more than the Red Wedding. I think fans everywhere would agree, the murder of Robb, Talisa and Catelyn was quite possibly the most jaw-dropping moment of the show's history. The argument has been made that Robb got what he deserved for putting his own desires above the good of the family, but Talisa and Catelyn deserved better.

Favorite New Character: I loved the addition of Thoros when we met the Brotherhood without Banners. It's always nice to have a guy around who can bring you back from the dead. I also liked how he provided a contrast to Melisandre and showed that she was not only one able to harness the lord of light's power.

Most Despicable Character: Walder Frey and Ramsay Bolton made strong cases for this award, but if I had but one arrow to loose, I would be aiming for Joffrey. There is seemingly no end to the loathsome little king's sadistic ways.

Hopes for Season 4: Despite putting three arrows into Jon, I hope to see Ygritte and him get back together at some point. I do thing he loves her, but unlike robb, he chose his duty over his desire. Depending on how much time will have elapsed in the story while on hiatus, I hope we get to see Dany's dragons grow up and see their first action in battle. They will also be key to victory over the white walkers as their fire is able to produce the only weapons that will kill them apparently.

Season Grade: A.

YOUR turn, GoT Fanatics: What grade would you give Game of Thrones Season 3?


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Strongest season so far. It's getting better and better and this season finally convinced me to screw my worries about GRRM's health, a maybe never finished book series and just start the god damn reading. And it's glorious. I wasn't so high on anything since Harry Potter. The best fucking thing on entertainment you can find.


amazing finale. the way they're setting it up for dany to get the throne.
i need more sansa and arya in my life though


Since Storm of Swords actually runs on a concurrent timeline with A Dance with Dragons, we could actually get some book five info next season. George separated out the character viewpoints, from the same timeline, into books four and five. In the latter part of book five, the stories converge, and then FINALLY, the storylines move on. On my second readthrough, I read the books in tandem. Re Theon's ...cutting. We didn't find out anything about that in book four because he has no viewpoint in that book, IIRC. It's mentioned in book five, but not directly. We don't even find out that he's a captive until book five; GRRM left a lot of us wondering what had happened to him.


Favourite new character: The Queen of Thorns. Who doesn't want a granny like her? But Thoros is also fun to watch. Most despicable: Walder Frey and Ramsey Bolton. Hopes: Dany finally leaving all the slave cities behind to throw herself and her dragons into battle. Her story becomes boring. I also hope Tyrion and Sansa continue their revenge plans and include people like Joff.


Best episode: The Climb. Jon and the Wildlings reaching the wall and climbing up, Olenna's a sword swallower through and through, the foreshadowing of the Red Wedding when Robb convinces his uncle to marry a Frey, Sansa happy for once, Jamie and Brienne showing quite casual how close they got and most of all the dialogue of Varys and Littlefinger in the throne room. Perfect! Most shocking: Red Wedding, hands down. Even though I knew what was going to happen I was speechless.


Overall: B+ I enjoyed this season very much, imo it was the best so far. It had many highlights: Dany's badass moment, Hound and Arya (sort of) teaming up with each other, Tywin putting Joff in his place, Sansa becoming a player in the game (at least for a time), the queen of thornes being awesome in every scene she was in, Jamie becoming a true knight, the Red Wedding. But I was also bored here and there, hoping for the story to move on. Or, otherwise put, sometimes it focused too much on characters or stories I wasn't interested in at all.


Season Grade : A Looking forward to involvement from Doran. Red Viper and Sand Snakes will be coming in to focus around the 4th installment. Hopefully Red Viper will be there on part two.


Best Episode: I have to go with the Finale, unlike everyone else in the world I thought it served well as an ending... Plus seeing Twyin send Joffrey to bed and basically prove him being King means nothing in the big scale was wonderful. Most Shocking Moment: I have to go with Theon getting his penis cut off and Talisa getting stabbed in the pregnant belly, being an intense book fan I knew the Red Wedding was coming but Robb's wife was never there in the books and you had no idea what happened to Theon when Ramsay had him. Favorite New Character: Um hello, the Queen of Thorns! Not only did she go toe to toe to Twyin she provided much laughs throughout her episodes... Sword Swallower through and through. Most Despicable Character: Joffrey, bring on the next Wedding ;) Hopes for Season 4: Two Words: Red Viper :) Also that Joffrey's wedding isn't at the end of the series but around episode 4, I would hate for it to end just after the Wedding, there is so much they need to tell next Season and leaving the Wedding till the end would mean less time to tell the stories.


Haha, red viper is next season and albeit cool is by know means possibly the best character in the series... Hodor, the Hound, and Berric Dondarrion around. Loved the dialogue with Thoros, who might be one of my favorites in the show. As always, more direwolves would have been awesome (i.e. where the hell is Ghost and shouldn't Jon be worried?) and more whitewalker fight scenes + coldhands would have been awesome. They could have made room by having less little finger monologues. Have liked to have seen dead-Cat thrown off the bridge after her death (as it happens in the book). Oh well, can't wait to see some lady stoneheart and red viper next season (and hopefully coldhands too! though I think he might be out for good). I still think this was an absolutely fabulous adaptation. As a reader, they did an awesome job!


Season grade: C

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