Grimm Season 2 Report Card: A-

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There were times Grimm Season 2 started falling prey to the dreaded sophomore slump - but with some ratcheting up of plot twists, alliances and one awesome game-changer, the NBC drama ended its run just as strongly as it began.

Let's hand out a grade in the following TV Fanatic Report Card...

A Wesen Killer

Best Episode: I’m totally cheating here (however, I am the person writing it so I get the final say, right?) but there were four incredibly strong episodes this season: “Bad Teeth,” “Quill,” “Season of the Hexenbiest” and “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm.”

They all brought different things to the table. “Bad Teeth” gave us the mother and son reunion that followed with plenty of ass kicking, small moments of family and heritage and really delivered a lot of mythology to sink our teeth into after being in the dark for the first season.

“Quill" and “Season of the Hexenbiest” provided a nice showcase for Hank and Renard. For the former, he finally received a few answers that were troubling him. “Season of the Hexenbiest” finally brought Renard into Nick’s view after over a year of dramatic irony; and while Renard may have eventually became a tentative ally of Nick’s – there’s still enough fun and deception around Renard that we still haven’t quite figured him out – he began the process into the seedier depths of his ancestry and the Wesen world.

“Goodnight, Sweet Grimm” was just a lot of fun. Its cliffhanger was the first example of Nick feeling vulnerable and weak, providing us with plenty of payoffs with Juliette, Adalind, and Renard.

Worst Episode: “Kiss the Muse” did not work at all. It was just an incredibly underwhelming and boredom-inducing hour. Very few parts stood out and the ones that did ended up getting steamrolled by the larger – and have I mentioned boring? – story points.

Best Character: I love Nick. I love Monroe. I even love Hank. However, for the entire season, there’s been one character that is increasingly capable, resilient and invaluable: Rosalee. She can be vulnerable, tough, and courageous all at once. She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty to help Nick and she’s become the perfect match for Monroe.

Worst Character: I think we can all answer this one together: Juliette. Just when her memory situation was starting to look like it was heading the other way... it ended up not moving at all. The amount of time and energy spent by having her do nothing is a serious waste to Juliette and the audience; and, while it’s nice to see things are beginning to pick up for her, it’s going to take some serious magic to make me like her character again.

Hopes for Season 3: I really want to see a few things cleaned up. First, for Juliette: She needs to find a purpose and place within the group. Otherwise her boring streak will continue and her character will drag down the show like it did this season. Second: let's really hone in on the mythology and where Grimm wants to go. Define the stakes, define the alliances and have some fun with it. We’ve been waiting patiently for the show to play its mythology card.

Season Grade: A-

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Grimm Season 2?


I agree with the A- rating. This season was mostly solid. Best episode: My favourites were Season Of The Hexenbiest and Volcanalis. Worst episode: La Llorona, Natural Born Wesen, Kiss of the Muse. Best character: I'm gonna go with the most improved - Hank. He went from completely useless and annoying in Season 1 to being a valuable and fun member of team Grimm. Worst character: Juliette. Ugh - what a waste of time that storyline was. Hopes for season 3: I'm okay with the pace that the mythology is running at; I think the show has a great balance between the serial and the procedural. Adalind's storyline needs to be integrated more into the greater scheme, right now it's very isolated and thus less engaging. Give Juliette more work to do.


I give it an A


Season grade: F


Also NBC don't take Grimm off for 3-4 months in the middle of an already too short season. Also pick a night and leave it and give it a better lead-in and lead-out!


I agree with everything the reviewer said. Grimm needs better storylines next season. Spent way too much time on boring Juliette. They should have wrapped that storyline in 3-4 shows not all season. Monroe and Rosealee are my favorite couple on this show. The writers hint at great storylines: Renard and Eric, Eric/Renard and Adalind, Momma Grimm, the resistance but never really follow though. I can add the show where Angelina was killed off. That was a great show but hate they killed her off. She was kickbutt and loved her. I hope the writers pay attention to the fans and really work on better scripts for next season. Don't make this show another Heroes. Do something better with Renard beside show clips on him on the NBC website in "Shirtless Rage" mess. I don't care how nice looking Sasha Roiz is do something better with his character. Wu and Hank too! Bring back Mamma Grimm! I give this show a C this year when I gave the first season an A.

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