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"False Pretenses" was such a standard crime of the week episode of Major Crimes that it was almost difficult to review. The show has gone so far off the beaten path of the traditional crime drama that this broader focus threw me a bit.

Threatening Letters

The crime was a murder suicide between a brother and a sister, the latter of whom was going through a bad divorce and the former of whom was her estranged husband. There were two unique pieces to this crime. First was the still-annoying DDA Rios and her ridiculous reaction to the murder scenes. 

I'm sorry, but I don't buy that she got as far as she did in her job without viewing crime scenes and dead bodies before arriving here. She literally stops in her tracks and shrieks. Not once, but twice at the same house. Lawdy woman, have some professionalism. 

A lot of people noticed Sanchez and his apparent crush on Rios last week, but if I was to guess, it's already gone beyond that. They are awfully familiar with each other. He took her a coffee to the scene and later was rummaging through her purse to find her keys. Not just any purse, but a giant tote style bag. Women who do not know you do not like men who have crushes on them jamming their hands into their bags. Rios is a strange cookie, but to allow that? I'm ready for a reveal.

The second interesting part of the case was the use of the app used by gay men to "whip" up a nearby like man for a hookup. That wasn't the first time I saw an app like that portrayed and I wonder if they're real. It seems they'd be awfully dangerous to use, but I can also see the appeal. At the lighter side of it, it would be like voyeurism. Whip someone just to watch their reaction. 

There was also a "Dear Rusty" letter sent to Rusty in association with the Stroh case, which was immediately taken as a way to intimidate him into deciding against testifying in the case. They didn't come out and accuse him of doing it, but it crossed their minds that Rusty might have sent the letter to himself. When it came back without any prints other than interested parties, I wondered that myself. He was pleased to be grounded forever as long as it meant he could stay with Sharon. 

But nothing is that easy with Philip Stroh and I'm hoping we get to see some action out of that psychopath before the season ends. Rios thinks she knows what she's up against, but if she can't handle seeing a dead body, Stroh will scare the crap out of her.

The case was alright and Flynn and Provenza were good for a few laughs, but I missed the camaraderie that provides the more sincere moments and heartfelt humor. That's what I've come to love about Major Crimes and when a plain old crime is the focus, I miss my little family.


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i disagree with the review also. This show , to me, is all about the cast. they are exceptional. Provenza, Flynn all of them.. In my opinion, the writers did not miss a beat when Kyra left.


Nothing good to say about Rios other than her possible relationship with Sanchez. If there is a reveal coming up, I hope it's done well with all the characters displaying hilarious expressions in response. Nice to see Tao out in the field. The term "wip" was a nice touch (is that real or made up for the show?). I thought the procedural aspect of the ep was well done. Clever, the way they got the confession.


Good episode, I like that in season 2 they use more outdoor locations and the group is moving a lot. The trick, which they used to get the suspect down, was very clever.
Rios is ridiculous, I don't mind her attacks on Rusty, which adds to the emotional side of the show, but her behavior on crime scenes and with colleagues is very unbelievable. Also... season 2 looks a bit overcrowded.
Flynn is sweet, love him! :)


For a while Sanchez had a love interest who was a victim or witness single mom with a son and I liked the idea of him as a father figure. I detest this Rios woman, trout lips, shrill, stupid, humorless, unprofessional. Please transfer or kill her soon. I missed the interaction with the team this week. I hope Rusty's not behind the letters because I've become fond of him, and I loved how Sharon teared up when she was talking about how important it was to keep him safe. I hope they bring back the subplot of Sharon fighting for the pay commensurate with her position, they dropped that story and it made me think less of her that she dropped it. I'm glad they didn't insult the gay coroner by having him participate in the "Whip it" app, although I thought the app part of the story was interesting. Overall, though...meh.


I am starting to to suspect that DDA Rios has something to do with the letter because she is pushing too hard to have Rusty removed from Sharon's custody. I get her argument, but Sharon's argument for him being there is much stronger. I remember hearing that Rios comes from trying robbery cases or other more benign crimes which explains the general ridiculousness of her reactions. I really wanted some one to slap her for all of that annoying bad horror film screaming. I'm glad to know they got a love interest for Sanchez because I believe he deserves one, but they could have done better.


I did wonder if Rusty sent the letters himself, but I don't remember Rusty smoking (I may be wrong)and as much as he loves Sharon, I don't think he would do something that would possibly get him put into protective custody. I also think that Sanchez and Rios are already "hooked up" and attempting to keep it undercover for now. Overall, I enjoyed the show.


sorry, but I disagree with your review - I don't watch for the realism of the cases, but for the cast itself - and the coffee was not originally for Rios, but coffee that Provenza bought for Flynn, who because he was drinking juice, refused it - so Provenza gave it to Sanchez, who then gave it to Rios. But regardless, I enjoyed it as I always do.

Ronald simkins

Dear reviewer the real app is called "Grindr" and it's been around quite a while.

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