Necessary Roughness Review: Predator or Prey

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Predator or prey. It was hard to determine who fit which category on tonight's Necessary Roughness, as "Swimming With Sharks" featured everyone choosing sides and I'm still uncertain where some characters landed.

Dani definitely had her hands full at V3. Not only was she dealing with the company's clientele, but Connor was loaning her out to the competition. Or was that using her as bait to catch a whale.

Getting Personal?

Whatever the metaphor, it obviously worked. Devin got his free throw back and also received help dealing with his overly dramatic, far too co-dependent mother. 

Speaking of mother/child relationships, Dani couldn't seem to get RayJay to call her back. Maybe it was just the time difference... or maybe it's the hot, rich girl he's still hooked up with. 

Even Lindsay was growing up and drifting away. When it came to buying the teen a car, she didn't so much want Mom's opinion as much as she simply needed her to sign the check. But Dani played their Friday night date just right. If she had become angry it would have made it all too easy for Lindsay to walk out the door. Sadly, letting the girl off the hook made Lindsay feel guilty, which scored them both a dinner date on Sunday I'm sure the girl will keep.

Back at V3, TK made it to his one year anniversary of sobriety. That's a big deal and I didn't blame him for wanting to go out and celebrate. And how awesome was it that TK wanted Rex by his side when he hit the club to pick up girls. As he explained in this Necessary Roughness quote

Rex: You want me there for what exactly?
TK: You're Goose. I'm Maverick. Perfect wingman, Bro. We fly different planes and we damn sure land on different strips. | permalink

Even if you've never seen the movie Top Gun I'm sure you still got the metaphor.

Unfortunately TK's hookup was anything but. Abby was the competition looking to woo TK away from V3. I was happy that TK went directly to Connor. The problem was that all of these agents schmooze for a living. How can you possibly tell who to trust?

At least Nico knew not to trust Troy. I loved how quickly Nico spotted that tail. The twist with the hacker surprised me. We still don't know exactly who Nico's working for or what their agenda is with V3.

But obviously Nico still had some real feelings for Dani. Even Paloma could see how different he was with her... and he's not happy that Connor was putting the moves on the good doctor or that it seemed to be working.

Are you Team Nico or Team Connor? I'm still rooting for Nico and Dani to get a second chance but I must admit that Connor McClane's charms are hard to resist. Both men are making this an irresistible season of Necessary Roughness


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You write very well!


Not rooting for Nico. Want the old boyfriend#1 - Matt(I think?) - to come back into her life. Although I think things developed from dating-to-commitment way too fast with Boyfriend#1. They wrote Danis' BFF girfriend out too...I always thought the BFF was too much around and would go after Matt. Also, I'm not drawn into the Nico storyline. Seems forced. But I never bought his "particular-set-of-skills" persona. He's still the dumped Gilmore Girls fiance to me.


Team Nico all the way! What is it that is always so appealing about John Stamos? I may be team Nico, but it's not like you can ignore the attractiveness of Stamos's character! Love the way TK has evolved, so happy they kept the character along with Rex and their friendship. Necessary Roughness remains a fun and intriguing show!


Team Nico. Without a doubt. He is perfect for her now that Matt is married.


Team Nico! At least we know he tries to have Dani's best interests at heart. Not sure about Stamos, or his partner. However, I'm really enjoying the combination of Anders, Nico, and Stamos.


In the last two episodes TK has been a scene stealer. In season one I didn't like the character a whole lot. In season two he began to grow on me. Now I love TK! I hope he doesn't get duped into a raw deal.


At the moment, I don't think there's a need to choose teams. The only true competition that Nico had left during the first episode of the season. Connor is not interested Dani. However, I am anxiously awaiting to see what Connor really is interested in.
Nico is clearly working with the Feds. Some government agency is probably where Nico learned how to be Sneako. It's making for a great storyline though. I was almost ready to hang up my cleats with this show.


Definitely Team Nico but John Stamos is a nice addition to the cast and I like that we don't really know if he's a good guy or a bad guy yet. It's great to see TK grow up but still be TK. When Nico told Dani she was beautiful...swoon. :)


It was a good episode. I want to see more of her kids like we did in season 1 & 2 I always found there problems interesting and made it feel more personal since it was Dani's home life but now it seems all about her works and her pationts problems only which gets a little boring to me. Can't wait for the next episode.


What is Nico up to now? I am starting to feel like he and Dani have tons of feelings for each other. Loved how he told her that whole Pitman thing would never happen again! She loved hearing it too! What a twist coming up with Nico setting up that whole hacker stunt. Yikes!! Can't wait for next week!!

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