Rizzoli & Isles Season Premiere Review: Summer Has Officially Begun

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Rizzoli & Isles season 4 returned with "We Are Family" - and the summer has officially begun!

One of the best things about Rizzoli & Isles is that the characters really do feel like family and they've only grown closer throughout the four seasons. 

Back Again

Who would have thought that Maura would need someone to drag her out for a jog? But depression certainly impedes recovery and Maura had plenty of reason to be depressed. Even if Maura did tell Hope to leave her alone after the surgery, Hope should have reached out at least once, if only to say thank you. The woman she shunned upon learning she was her daughter donated a kidney to her other child. A fruit basket is the least that was owed.

Poor Maura was sulking and melancholy and just completely un-Maura-like. It was hard to watch. But even in her depression Maura was funny. I couldn't believe she Facebook stalked Cailin and then spied on the pumps of caramel she was putting in her coffee. Thankfully, Jane was there to force Maura out of the car to actually speak to Callin.

Maura: I feel very silly.
Jane: You're going to feel even sillier when I push you out with my feet. | permalink

Finally talking to her half-sister and hearing that belated thank you definitely helped. 

Maura even looked different this season. The short leather jacket with the gold top was more casual than we normally see her but looked stunning just the same.

Something tells me Paddy Doyle's trial and Maura's complex relationship with Hope will make this a complicated season for Dr. Isles.

Fortunately, Jane's personal life was looking up. Cassey was back. He just showed up on her doorstep looking all handsome and recovered from his surgery. Part of me wanted Jane to send him on his way for not calling her for three months, but then he mentioned his therapy and PTSD... and did I mention the ruggedly handsome part?

Jane deserves some happiness and I hope she gets it with Casey. The two range from hot to adorable and I loved seeing them back together. 

Even Frankie's life was changing. He's getting that promotion to detective and you could see the boost of confidence it's already given him when he wouldn't give his gun up to his big sister and took the lead as they tracked down the shooter.

Speaking of the case, was anyone else holding their breath during the parade scene in the beginning? I know this is fiction but I couldn't help but remember the Boston marathon bombing. 

The case had some great twists and turns. Who knew that toxins attached to work uniforms could be potent enough to cause cancer over time? That's truly scary. 

And talk about cold. Erica's sister was not only willing to let small children die of cancer she murdered her sister while taking care of the woman's toddler.  That's really dark and twisted.

Compelling cases, family drama, and two good friends who can get one another through anything. It's just not summer without Rizzoli & Isles


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I thought it was a little too obvious who the culprit was going to be, but I didn't care. Catching the bad guy is never the highlight of this show for me. It's the interaction between characters throughout each episode that keeps me watching.


Coming from someone who is best friends with a girl that seems unlikely too, I totally relate to the Rizzoli and Isles friendship! We both have different body types, clothing likes, hair colors, height/weight, you name it but I think it's our differences that strengthen our bond on the similarities. We both got closer to someone else briefly that were more like ourselves - my other friend was the same size as me, weight, almost the same height, so many more things in common. Same for my bff. Those two friendships are completely over for us both and we're stronger as friends than ever. I loved this episode and it was interesting to see Maura struggling. Especially LOVED the Casey scenes!!!


So, do new developments with Casey mean that they're going to have Jane's life path diverge from that in the books?


does anyone know the brand of Maura's leather jacket? *loved*


I'm sure this was filmed before the Boston bombing, but maybe some of it was deleted, because it didn't dwell on that aspect - but the timing of the Paddy Doyle trial and the real one going on with Whitey is incredible. Love the interactions of the cast -


Yes, the specter of the Boston Marathon seemed to hang over this episode. It made me wonder when this episode was shot, before or after the bombing. The family aspect of this show is what makes me keep watching. To me, Rizzoli and Isles as friends is not believable. But I love Mama Rizzoli and Frankie, as well as Korsack and Frost.


The was a great premier episode. I knew the minute we saw the sister she was probably the killer. I didn't see why she killed her sister coming that was still a suprize. I thought Maura was funny this episode and her spying on her sister to make sure she was treating her kidney well was funny and hiding when Caitlin came out of the coffee shop only to have Caitlin come up to the car and knock on the windshield was funny I loved that Jane said she would kick Maura out of the car if she didn't get out on her own and go talk to her that's something she would do. It was nice seeing Casey again. I'm glad Frankie got promoted to detective if he's going undercover does that mean we wouln't be seeing him as much? I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good and this seems like it will be a very good and fun season.

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Maura: It must be nice to follow in your father's footsteps.
Jane: No, then I'd be a plumber and you'd be a mob boss.

I still find it amazing they can suck out an organ through a straw.