Royal Pains Season 5 Premiere Review: Cease and Desist

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Reunited and it feels so good.

We traveled back to the Hamptons tonight to join Evan, Paige, Divya and a still-recovering Hank in all the swagger and swank you’d expect of a a Royal Pains summer in "Hankwatch."

Divya's Surprise

But certainly much has changed since we last left HankMed in the winter, following Paige and Evan’s nuptials.Hamptons Heritage closed as it changed ownership, causing a boom in HankMed clientele and a gaggle of “Hankies” to fill in the healthcare gap.

Divya and Rafa broke up because they were only compatible in one way, according to Divya. Good choice to get rid of him, writers. Yet apparently this isn’t quite the end of the couple, as it was revealed that Divya is now pregnant.

So much for a quiet start to the summer. One thing is for sure: if this opener is any indication, we sure are in for a wild ride on Royal Pains Season 5.

I can already see where the storyline with Hank is going. He refuses to acknowledge the fact he’s still suffering after effects from the surgery. Now that he’s seeking out narcotics to self-medicate, it’s going to have some serious consequences for his health and the quality of the patient care he administers. Not to mention the potential for him to become addicted to the painkillers... which might cause him to behave in uncharacteristic ways.

If I had to guess one way this was going to impact the plot of the season, it would probably be with regards to his constantly growing suspicion of Dmitri. The hydrocodone is likely going to cause Hank to act out in some way that he wouldn’t normally.

If only the poor man knew Boris was actually still alive. We can’t forget this little tidbit was revealed in the wedding special last December. I actually think that Dmitri did play a role in Boris faking his death, likely attached to his often illusive business dealings.

One thing I’m wondering about is what purpose the sale of Hamptons Heritage has on the season. I feel like it would not have been such a big deal if it there weren’t going to be consequences of some kind for HankMed. Any ideas as to the significance, Hamptonites?

Another important part of this episode had to be the introduction of Mrs. Ballard, a stickler for codes who now has her sights set on HankMed. You have to wonder what this means for the future of the business.

I was really starting to lose hope in Royal Pains by the end of last year, but this premiere has got me more jazzed than ever about all the plots already in motion. I think we’re in for one of its best seasons yet!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Jeremiah having a girlfriend he didn’t want to discuss.
  • Jeremiah’s beard.
  • Evan using “Brocovich-ed” as a verb.
  • Evan thinking looking at two houses counted as house-hunting.
  • Evan referring to the added doctor’s as “Hankies.”


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What was the name of the spinal condition that Hank has that is causing his pain? What he described, I just experienced last week. I am trying to do some research on the actual condition and would appreciate the assistance. Thanks


This show has lost it's edge. Getting rid of Jill was a HUGE mistake. Ever since then the show has steadily gotten worse. They all act like she is dead for god sakes. They never call her, never talk to her, never even utter her name. Some friends they are. I am also seeing more and more fans who are getting tired of this Boris garbage. This is a medical drama, not Covert Affairs!


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It's a little more than ridiculous that Hank believes he is a match for Dmitri - he's powerful, he's rich and he has armed guards. Really dumb move to tell a man like that - you're suspicious of him.
I wasn't surprised that Divvya is pregnant, although I can't see her with a baby. I can't even visualize her with a husband and a baby. Curious what the writers are going to do with that storyline.
Seeing Jeremiah was most amusing. Evan gives new meaning to the "youngest brother" role. He's a little too silly. Royal Pains is losing my interest.


Stupid! How could Diviya be turned down for insurance for being pregnant!?!! That is not an illness. It is not a disability. Ridiculousness.


Yup not a fan of Mrs. Ballard or the Boris mystery. I probably wouldn't be so annoyed by it if we didn't know he was alive from the tiny scene they showed us last season. But the thing that bugs me most is Hank's new issue. I mean really? Why this? Wasn't there something else they could do? Interested to see where Divvya goes. She's easily my favorite, with the brothers being second.


Jeremiah was the best part of the episode. It is time to roll out the Boris storyline. I too am suffering from fatigue of the show, otherwise.


This episode just did not do anything for me. Hopefully it will get better, but this one was a yawner.


I want the patient from the first season or second season that had such great chemistry with Divya to come back. Drew I think his name was? I was really hoping he'd return after her wedding was called off but so far she's only had Rafa who I never liked.


I too had all but given up hope on this show last season, but the season premiere has given me hope. So many interesting story lines for this summer.

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Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Did she seriously try to Erin Brocovich us right now? Are we being Brocovich-ed?


Paige: You're worried about being separated from Hank while he's recovering.
Evan: You're saying I'm a HankWatch addict?
Paige: Yes.