Shameless Season 4 Shocker: Who's Leaving?

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Shameless producer John Wells dropped a casting bombshell last night at a TV Academy Emmy panel: Justin Chatwin is leaving the Showtime series.

Last seen being walked toward the water by a drug lord-related thug, Wells also confirmed at the event (via a Tweet by TV Guide Magazine's Rob Moynihan) that Justin was, in fact, killed at the conclusion of Season 3.

Fiona Comforts Jimmy

Chatwin has portrayed Fiona's love interest since the pilot of this cable hit. Will he death make you more or less likely to tune in when Season 4 premiere?

No premiere date has been announced, but new episodes are expected to start airing in January.

UPDATE: Wells actually said it's possible Jimmy did NOT die in the aforementioned scene, something a Showtime statement echoes. The network says that Chatwin "will not be coming back as a series regular, but there is a possibility of him coming back in future episodes in some manner."

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Please say it isn't so! The chemistry between him and Fiona is so great.


I will miss Steve/Jimmy I liked his character. He was Fiona's safe haven and he really had her figured out. I still love the show and will never stop watching the episodes keep them coming this show is like no other.


I didnt like him anyways because hisstoryline got boring. I think it took awaymfrom the true plot of the show and Jimmy got whiny.


Killing off Jimmy was a horribly written story line, and a shot across the proverbial bow to not get emotionally invested again in this series. Killing Jimmy was uninspired and predictable (the only thing that made it suspenseful was believing the producers wouldn't kill off Fiona's love). That clock was ticking for Jimmy because it was established early on that Estafania's father would kill him because he killed her boyfriend. The more interesting thing would've been for Jimmy to survive -- and how that could've happened. So, the show runners threw out all that was built up over three seasons -- and in a pathetically weak story line. Why didn't Fiona visit Estefania in her search for Jimmy? The last she knew, the two were still married (remember Estefania ending up on Fi's doorstep at season 2's close). Just bad writing.


I'll still watch it but I'm pissed he won't be returning, I liked them together. I wonder why networks screw up the chemistry with characters I like.


I like Justin Chatwin and his character Jimmy/Steve. He was one of the reasons I watched Shameless. I liked Fiona and Jimmy together.


Actually the last season, Fiona did not put in enough attention to him.Granted he know what he is getting into with Fiona, still man sometimes need more attention that woman. Fiona is a difficult woman to love.

Philly ace

I agree with Ro. I never really liked his character and I believe that Fiona can do much better.


I don't understand why this is an announcement, I thought it was made pretty clear at the end of season 3 that Justin Chatwin had left. Whether he was dead or had just left, I understand wasn't clear to the fans, but he basically tweeted that he was gone. Jimmy was a douche anyway, I liked him much more when he was Steve.


I will miss Jimmy/Steve. Him and Fiona were such a good couple. I hope they find his body,so she still doesn't think he left her and the kids.

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