Switched at Birth Review: Miracle in Progress!

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There are a lot of unhappy people on Switched at Birth and we saw much of that exposed on "The Good Samaritan."

As Bay fought to keep Toby from a lifetime of unhappiness by marrying Nikki before they were ready, both Regina and Kathryn were struggling to find a place they could feel comfortable without the pressures of life weighing down upon them. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Helping Toby

At the forefront of the episode were definitely the concerns by pretty much everyone involved about whether or not it was a good idea to keep their mouths shut regarding Toby marrying Nikki. Even Toby himself admitted he felt like a robot at work, indicating he wasn't having the time of his life, telling Bay that having a job and being mature came with marriage. 

But I have to wonder, just how mature do two 18-year olds have to be to get married? I'd say just enough to pay the bills and be faithful to each other. They shouldn't stop enjoying life or growing into the adults they will become - and they are most assuredly not the people they will be in 10 or even 20 years time. When Bay saw Toby selling his music equipment, she went to Emmett to get his opinion and learned they hadn't had a gig in months. 

That's a huge red flag when it was the first common interest that brought Nikki and Toby together. It was their joy of music that spanned the gap of everything else, including the huge difference in their religious beliefs. With so many things factoring against them, and now Toby turning his back on Bay for sticking her nose into his business, if Nikki and Toby lose their shared interest in music, I think they will lose each other.

Kathryn and Daphne were still reeling from the loss of Regina, but in much different ways. Kathryn discovered that Adriana was back and missing the company of her daughter, so she started hanging around with Kathryn. I knew it was going to go wrong, not because of anything that Adriana was doing but because Kathryn's own mother was down her throat about the wedding and blaming her for things out of her control. Since she couldn't take it out on her mom, Adriana got the shaft. It was nice that she and Adriana came up with something they could so together, such as plant an herb garden.

Daphne was not only missing Regina, but angry that Regina felt it was easier to live with Bay because her expectations were lower than Daphne's. To take her mind off of things, Daphne decided to flirt a little with Jace, the hot British coffee dude, and tried her hand at geo-caching. She was so shocked that he had proven her wrong at his ability to quickly learn ASL that she had to give something he was into a try. Even though he said he wasn't into dating that summer, when she cracked and told him about her mom, his feelings for her were written all over his face. As were Daphne's lips when she planted a kiss on his! 

Regina seems to have really gotten things right this time, and offered to work for free for Whitney, the designer she was working with when she fell off the wagon, just to prove it. Seriously, if anybody could drive Regina to drink, it would be Angelo. OCD much? He actually said they were living in squalor because dishes were left in the sink over night and she had a pair of shoes in the hallway.

When Bay came home from work unhappy and slammed the door, he thought their family was falling apart. To think that poor man thought he was ready to raise an infant. What would he have done if it had spit up on his shirt? Called social services and reported his own baby for misdeeds? 

Bless him for trying, and at least Regina set him straight. He thought all of them living under the same roof was their second chance and it would be perfect - how it was "supposed" to be. She had to tell him that they were living it as it was supposed to be. Dishes are left in sinks and teenagers have teen drama. Regina said she would move back home when she got the job, but I really hope they all stay together a while longer. I think they still have a lot to learn about each other and being a family, and as hard as it is, there is some good coming from the familial separation.

THERE WAS A MIRACLE!! Check out this Switched at Birth quote:

Daphne: I've just been kind of jealous of you getting closer to my mom.
Bay: Welcome to my world. | permalink

That's right. The hour ended with Daphne and Bay talking like actual friends! I know, I was caught off guard when that happened. Daphne even shared the kiss with Jace with Bay who told her he also happened to be British and they tittered like schoolgirls. Maybe this was what they needed all along - to be put in each others shoes to see what life would be like if they hadn't been switched.

Granted, they still have quite a way to go to understand that, but it seems like a good start. 


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I didn't really care for this episode a lot. I really miss Emmett! He had what one line in this episode? Emmett and Bay are my only reasons for watching this show(I've been team Bay since episode 1). I've never liked Daphne because she seems always nice ,good-hearted and all that and her trying to be nice to Bay but when Bay fights back and expresses how she feels then Daphne makes her out to be selfish, egotistical and jealous of her. How do you expect her to feel your the goody to shoes her parents always wanted. These are my reasons for not liking Daphne: 1) She's not deep enough and strong to me, 2) she's upset that bay dates her best friends, don't get mad because you didn't want Emmett until he was taken and it's not Bay's fault because everyone thought you and Emmett were just friends.3) Why the hell would you date Bay's boyfriend after the fact you knew they dated, I know your deaf but I know you've heard of girl code bitch?! Well let me help you it states that even if your friend says it's ok to date their ex you still don't fucking do it!!!4) stop fucking kissing every boy who gives you the time of day, stop being slutty kissing guys like crazy, I know Bay can be hard to date but your to damn easy and that's the only reason guys like you! 5) Not once have you ever put yourself in Bay's shoes! Daphne: I'm deaf, me, my mom and grandma move into a mansion with my biological parents. All they want to do is get to know and love me, I constantly fight my switched sister, I have a cool brother, I break girl code and take my switched 'sisters' ex- boyfriend, my family learns signed language for me, I realize I like my best friend only after he's dating my switched 'sister, my dead beat father who I always thought left me because he thought I wasn't his kid came back because guess what bitch he's not, my mother knew I wasn't her's but decided she didn't want or need my switched 'sister', my biological grandmother treats me like I' be been Bay and she's known me my whole life and disowns Bay. I have a sister. I keep kissing and getting guys. My mom is off the wagon again but I'm to busy being jealous of the fact that Bay notices and I don't instead of apologizing and thanking Her. Both my day's try's to make amends for lost time and buys me vehicles. My mom is in rehab while I'm having the time of my life and when she comes back I yell at her then get upset when all my switched 'sister' is trying to do is make a connection like I did with her legal mom. OMG! think how it made Bay feel that the perfect daughter my parents wanted is living with me or finding out on your own that you aren't your parents daughter! How about the fact that she has to compete with you with every boy, the grandma she has always known and love has disowned her and loves you. How about the fact that her biological mother has known about her for six years and looked her dead in the eyes and decided that you were better, and as long as y'all have lived with her family you and her mom have made a great connection and your mom can't even try, how about the only way your mom can leave her is without saying goodbye and the only way to try and get close is for her to come and then you have the nerve to basically tell her that your her daughter and not her just because things are a little tense with Kathryn. News flash, Regina, Angelo and Bay were suppose to be together and you were suppose to be with the Kennish's but ate least fate bought you back together.


This episode was relatively boring.


Where is Emmett???????? I really hope that Emmett gets more screen time, and a storyline. He is the best character on the show. If it doesn't happen soon, I'm giving up switched at birth, and many of my friends say the same.


I like Toby and Nikki but do not like them together. Toby doesn't really love Nikki or respect her and her values. I don't understand why he asked her to marry him and now his family is she is the bad guy. They don't like the moves Toby is making and they are blaming Nikki. Toby needs to figure out what he wants to do in life and stop hiding behind Nikki. They need to just stay friends. Nikki is great girl and doesn't deserve the way they are treating her.


I can't believe Daphne didn't realize how much her and John's politics differ. He's a republican to the bone. Where has she been? This isn't news. Emmett is being grossly underused. I miss him.


Why the pic of Bay and Ty? Not that I have a problem with it.:) I felt for Angelo. I'm far from a neatfreak but I do get really frustrated when the person I'm living with leaves their shoes in the middle of the floor! Hate it! I'm either stubbing my toe or tripping and falling while carrying something. And I don't know a single person short of sn entomologist who wouldn't be pissed about cockroaches. When you're staying with someone, you have to be considerate. I didn't think he was being nitpicky. I love them living together though because they all deserve that time.
I like the Brit. He's a jackass but a fun kind. I thought Bay was too far out of line with how she handled Toby. Whether or not he's mature isn't the issue. Its he and Nikki being compatible. They aren't. He doesn't respect, understand, care about and even mocks her faith. Her faith is what she puts first. She's inflexible in regards to it.
I can't believe Daphne didn't realize how much her and John's politics differ. He's a republican to the bone. Where has she been?

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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Bay: I can't believe you're really doing it.
Toby: Doing what?
Bay: Getting all jobby and mature.
Toby: Well, I'm getting married. The two kind of go hand in hand.

Toby: I thought not living under the same roof would help but things are bad as ever between the two of you.
Bay: Well, maybe this is just how it's gonna be.