Teen Wolf Review: The Three Fold Death

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"Fireflies" continued on a confusing Teen Wolf streak, as we had two relatively separate stories going on at once and the gang trying to connect them.

On one side of town, Scott, Derek and Isaac were tracking Boyd and Cora; while on the other Lydia's body was being used as a beacon of sorts to find a dead body, leading Stiles to get involved with the murders they at first thought to be werewolf related.

As things heated up in town, Scott turned to an unlikely source for help: Allison's dad. Mr. Argent was reluctant to help at first, but when he realized what Boyd and Cora were capable of, he couldn't let all of his training go to waste. Neither could his daughter. They worked autonomously, but without their help Cora and Boyd wouldn't have been captured.

Boyd Attacks

Things I'm really enjoying this season include Scott's mom and how easily she has engaged in the whole world of the werewolf. She calls in his pals when she knows there's something fishy is going on and seems to know which ones to trust and which not to speak openly about the topic. 

I also love Isaac more with every minute of screen time he gets. His Teen Wolf quotes are almost as great as those of Stiles. Bringing up the hot factor of Derek's sister to Derek was a brilliant touch. Derek didn't have to say a word as Isaac carried on the fruitless conversation with himself and dug his way out of the hole. 

There could have been more Peter time for my taste, but his few minutes were well worth it as he pointed out they should save the reunion party for Cora until she wasn't an unstoppable killing machine. What's interesting about Derek is that as much as he seemed intrigued about his sister being back and would clearly have chosen to have her live over killing her... if it had come down to Cora killing a bunch of innocents or him killing Cora and Boyd, he would have done the latter. None of them wanted to entertain the idea, but they didn't nix it either. 

Lydia is still clearly tied to Peter in some way, unless she's being used now by the alpha pack. If she is, God help her. Stiles deduced the murders weren't directly related to Cora and Boyd, but were human sacrifices of virgins, his old friend Heather included. Frankly, if I were Stiles, I'd beg Lydia to make me a man to save my life because unless something happened while we weren't looking, he's a prime suspect for their virginity sacrificial top 10.

Especially being so close to the hometown pack without being in it, you'd think he'd be their most exciting candidate. That worries me.

I was wondering when we were going to learn anything about the alphas, not realizing they were tying things together whole time. It was done rather well and I'm hoping next week gives us some deeper insight into Deucalion. We really need everyone working together on this - and that includes Allison. She has to forgive and forget what she learned about her mom. No more lone-wolf, fight the demons by herself crap. She's not a wolf, she's merely a well trained marksman who would add to the team. 

Miss Blake knows what's going on now, giving Scott an ally at school. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing all the kids will be missing a few classes here and there while they fight the big bad evil that wandered into town. I wonder how long it will take for everyone to figure out the twins are a part of the pack and right under their noses at school.

Although I was confused for a while, I was pleased with the progress and the ending. Share your thoughts on the episode and Teen Wolf Season 3 in the comments!


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@Invested In Your Future, I really don't see the sexism you saw in the episode. Yeah the Allison brooding and solo thing has already been shown before but some other points I cannot see the sexist connections. Yes a lesbian person was killed, but so were two other people. "straight" characters are killed all the time and the fact that she was gay was a writers decision, the only thing that mattered was that she was a virgin. As it was repeated plenty of times in this & last weeks episodes. Boyd & Cora were twice if not more powerful than all the other wolves combined. We're talking about supernatural beings here, when a girl can shred you to pieces with ease, i do think chivalry is the 1st thing on your mind. They all needed to work together to stop her and Boyd


Teen wolf was amazing last night. They need to add more Isacc moments those were fun including the part when Isacc and Derek were in the car and Isacc was talkng about Cora and Derek's facial expression was like don't talk about my sister ike that. Stiles need to go out and find himself a hooker and get hmself lead. When Peter showed up was like the devil when someone is trying to be good. Over all great episode can't want until next week.:-D :-)

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I guess you're mixing up Teen Wolf with TVD. This town is called Beacon Hills. TVD's action is set up in Mystic Falls.\ Yeah, the sexism in this episode kind of made me think I am watching TVD again. That's not a good sign for the show :/


when I watched the episode.. I was like really??? virgin killings...but my thought went to sacrifices and the thing with the fireflies... It maybe a ritual for the werewolfs or some wiccan/witches are going to be introduced to this series...


i love you teen wolf very


Invested In Your Future,
I guess you're mixing up Teen Wolf with TVD. This town is called Beacon Hills. TVD's action is set up in Mystic Falls.


I'm sorry but I don't see what was confusing about this episode?
Me thinks that Derek is going to be hot for teacher soon. Do we know for sure it's the pack that killed those 3? How do we know it wasn't Peter? He did just happen to be in the woods...even though he's said a couple of times she's not up to fighting strength...so why be in the woods with two out of control werewolves?
The only complaint I have is....stop doing slow motion scenes. It's getting cheesy.
I think Allison is doing this in secret because she doesn't want her father to find out and make her move.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

VERY average episode filled with bad undertones. Let's see:
More of redemption bullshit no one wanted and IS NOT NEEDED since Allison is awesome, ok?
A Lesbian getting killed.
Monster like portrayal of poc character.
Three males beating up a female.
A female damsel in distress. Don't go there TW, DONT GO THERE. These are not good signs. I am however interested wtf is Allison's deal? What is she doing in secrecy? Its clear that she is still just a little bit in love with her hunter-side. Also - with the human sacrifices and animal control - do we have druids in mystic falls now?

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Stiles: Okay, I'm going to call my dad.
Lydia: I already called 911.
Stiles: You called the police before you called me?
Lydia: I'm supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?
Stiles: YES!

Scott: Derek, I saw Boyd try to rip two little kids apart. Are they going to do that to everyone they find?
Derek: Everyone and anyone.