The Glades Review: Knowing What You Want

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For the record, I want to point out that we were only 4 minutes and 42 seconds in "Shot Girls" before Jim was eating something (cake to be precise).

I really think we could start a Glades Drinking Game where you take a shot every time Jim is munching away. I have no idea how Matt Passmore keeps the weight off, he has to be eating his body weight in snacks during every shoot.

Speaking of shots, I liked the twist that it was written into their prenuptial agreement that the husband wouldn't drink. It explained the disappointed look on her face when she saw him drunk in the video. That said, cherry rum sounds interesting. I've had a few flavored, but always come back to the coconut rum as my old standby. Is this version actually out there?

The Future

It was good to see more of Jeff this week. He's growing up so fast and his heart to heart (finally) with Callie in Atlanta about making sure that marrying Jim is really what she wants was nice. Jeff, let me put your mind at ease: all of us want Callie and Jim to get married and for her to stop bouncing from city to city. 

Even better news was that she got her old job back in Florida - or at least, a job at the hospital that was bought out. Did anyone else recognize Jonathan "Riker" Frakes all clean shaven as the man she interviewed with? If not, don’t worry about it, I’m just geeky enough to do a small cheer at seeing him. I wonder if he will turn up again. 

And while we are on the topic of turning up again, while her speech to Miranda was moving and inspiring, how is it nobody even jokes about the weeks and weeks that Miranda was so mean to Callie that she nearly quit? 

Don’t get me wrong, I adore new Miranda; I just find it odd that all the heartfelt comments don’t have a footnote of "except for when you tried to get me fired" or something of that nature. Oh well, apparently I'm the only one who likes to tease their friends over things they've done. For Callie and Miranda, it’s all drama under the bridge now. 

What did you think of the second offering of The Glades Season 4? Are you as thrilled as I am that Callie will be full time in Florida soon? Want to take bets on how long into an episode Jim can go before eating something? In conclusion I’m giving the episode 4.3 piece of cake, all for Jim! 


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There are cherry flavored rums out there. I find that they are best in mojitos or Tres leches. :-) I recognized Number One! But what happened to his beard? And did he direct the episode too? I know he's directed an episode of the glades before. Love Carlos. Does Matt Passmore have a metabolism worthy of a Gilmore Girl?


I'm still not entirely convinced Miranda is sincere. Her engagement broke off because of issues with having a long-distance relationship with her fiancee. I wonder if she is still harboring a grudge against Callie for him not getting the job at her hospital, and has some kind of long-range revenge plan in store.
I am really glad that Callie gave Jim a definitive answer to the proposal and didn't drag it out to create drama.


Good episode. The case was kind of interesting and made sence. I'm glad Callie finally said what she really wants is to marrie Jim. I can't wait till the next episode.

Sarah silva

Another great episode!
I loved that Carlos commented on the fact that Jim eats all the time.
Matt Passmore is fantastic!
I am glad that Jeff was just concerned about his mom and that his attitude will not stick around, he is much better when he is the Jeff that we all know and like.
There is something about Miranda that is a little weird, she tried to get Callie fired and now she is super sad to see her go, it seems to me like she likes Callie as more than a friend. That is the vibe I got, not sure if that is what they were going for or not but it seemed a little creepy.

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The Glades Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jim: Change in our celebration dinner?
Callie: I guess tonight is the only night his study group can get together to finish their project.
Jim: Well maybe it is. Or maybe he's not that happy about us getting married and there is nothing to celebrate?
Callie: I don't know. I wish he would talk to me instead avoid me.

Colleen: Congratulations.
Callie: Thank you.
Colleen: You know you're too good for him, right?
Callie: Oh, believe me.
Jim: Right here