The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: I Choose Me

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With graduation from Grant High School came a lot of decisions. And I can only imagine that longtime fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager are going to have really strong opinions on "Thank You and Goodbye."

For weeks, months, seasons and years it was always about who Amy would choose.

It's Graduation Day

In the end, I guess she chose herself. She didn't stay with Ricky, but she didn't definitely end up with Ben either. She choose to see where the next chapter of her life would take her... without her son. I can also imagine there will be a lot of strong reactions to that part of her decision.

Elsewhere, Grace and Jack finally broke up. Henry and Alice got back together. Omar came back for Adrian. Honestly, there's not much to say about a finale that was 80% filled with flashbacks. The one major scene was the break-up between Amy and Ricky. It showcased how well Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff have it in the future with their careers. They have both grown so much since the premiere in 2008 and have become great actors. Fox should not have passed on Delirium with Kagasoff at the helm. 

That scene was heartbreaking for so many reasons, including the fact that it was finally the honest truth from both of them. They weren't in love and while they loved each other, it wasn't ultimately enough. I only hope that John grows up to have a good life.

After everything we’ve been through, we both just deserve to be madly in love when we get married. | permalink

I guess Amy did have a point with what she said and hopefully all three of them will end up happy. That scene was probably the only positive thing I have to say about this finale.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the first show I have ever reviewed for TV Fanatic and seeing it through to the end was important to me, despite the many unrealistic, cheesy and sometimes downright awful storylines. A finale that basically phoned it in was a disservice to all of the people who did stick with the show through the years.

So that's it on my end. What about all of you viewers? Were you happy with the finale? Were you satisfied with the way it ended? I'm interested in hearing all of your thoughts so hit the comments! 


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I'm so sad about this ending, I was so happy about Amy and Ricky being together. I wish they didn't cancel it and I wish they ended up marrying eachother. I loved Ricky as a character and most of the time I disliked Amy, especially with Ben. But when she was with Ricky I liked her a lot more. I just wish they kept the season going and that Ricky and Amy did get married and we could see what their marriage was like. I am very inretested in this show and I just wished it didn't end or it just ended a lot better. :( Great show though.


I am so sad that it ended this way I use to watch it off and on and then I finished the finale tonight. It is just too incomplete and they wasted way too much time with flash backs if ben was going to get amy it should have been at a wedding where he objected. ughhhhhhhh


The reason i decided to follow this show was becaise of ben and amys relationship.
wen it ended i just waited to see if dey will get bak together. and instead of dat
amy leaves for newyork. wtf. Ben shud have gotten bak wit amy. grace wit jack. Ricky
wit andrea. etc. How it was frm d start. It really dissapointed me, but my best couple wil
always be ♥ben and amy♥


To be married to Ricky Underwood or not to be married to Ricky Underwood? That's the question. The very last episode of Secret Life left me hanging and wondering about Amy Jeurgens, I admit. Will she go back to Ricky or will she go to Ben Boykevitch after he suggested to her that she didn't have to marry Ricky? And will going to college in New York make her happier and more educated then she currently is? I hope that if she does get married for real, that she will get rid of the wedding dress she bought at a flea market, since it looks so hideous and everyone who saw it felt the same way I did about it.


the ending was so disappointing, it showed aa if the movie was still continuing its like thoz movies which we used 2watch wen were still young where the actor wud also die,come on u cant tell me it waz only Edrine and amal who gained 4rm all this wat,mainly cast another episode so dat we can see wat happened to thez pples lives after high school,especiall amy, ricky and john,then ben wat abt grace and jack not forgetting ashley.pliz co cast another last season especiall where amy realises that she misses her ricky and their son.i loved that couple especially the bad boy ricky changing for his wife,how cud she disapoint him like that,gosh i hate that chic for loving amy more than ricky and her continue pliz one last long too bored for anything apart 4rm dis


why? Stupid writers!


I agree that the show definately needs a better ending, as too many of the storylines of the characters are incomplete. Also, I really wish that everyone would just leave poor Amy alone. The large amount of hate people have towards her is really being blown out of proportion. Everyone is always calling her b**ch, whiny, immature, selfish, gold digger, I mean come on! Amy is none of these things. Sure she overreacts about a lot of things and she has made some stupid choices, but she's not a bad person. If you take the time to think about how she feels, then you'll understand her better, but if you choose to think she's horrible, then thats your problem. And as for her abandoning her child, she did no such thing. She's only doing what needs to be done to create a better life for John. And in doing so, it would be very unfair for her to drag him along with her into an unfamiliar atmosphere. Seriously, try to think about these kind of things a little more!

@ JC

I completely agree with you people are way too hard on her character, I feel that everyone expects her to be perfect because she has made some mistakes. Sure she can act stupidly but what teenager doesn't? Also she complains about things a lot, but what teenage girl doesn't? To be honest I find all the girls and for that matter most of the guys whiny and no one says anything about them.Also Grace pissed me off this season she actually can make decisions more easily because she doesn't have a kid to worry about like Amy. Also Adrian doesn't know what the fuck she wants but follows Omar like a puppy and gives advice she like knows everything.
I can understand some of Amy's about questioning whether there is more to being a mother and thinking about her life without John I know that sounds horrible but a lot of teenage mothers actually go through. I felt that she should have a conversation about this with a mother. I agree she didn't abandon John, but I don't agree with her going to New York. However apart of me thinks she should've gone because it is not fair for John to have a mother around that is miserable and will resent. I just wish the show fowarded into the future so we could see where Ricky, John, Amy and Ben ended up.


Sad ending, that quite honestly left more questions than it actually answered. There definitely needs to be a movie or a spin off, "The secret life of the American college student"? I watch this show from season one, I was addicted to it like crack! The ending didn't do the show justice.


I CRIED WHEN THE LAST EPISODE WAS OVER...but the series finale should've been a 2 hour special..I was so disappointed in Amy that she would just leave her kid and Ricky for college...she broke his heart by calling off the wedding..and in the last episode it was like 15 to 20 minute flashbacks instead of showing what happens to Ethan and Cassy..and why didn't they show the graduation cremony?They shouldve made another season when their all in college and Amy realizes she needs Ricki and grace needs jack and Ben finds someone else.The last episode just didn't make sense......I now have to finds a new show to watch since that ones over..I really liked it and now I'm really gonna miss it


I thy should make a movie or season 6 about how they're doing in college and the update with Amy of her
decisions or a new boyfriend

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