The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: I Choose Me

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With graduation from Grant High School came a lot of decisions. And I can only imagine that longtime fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager are going to have really strong opinions on "Thank You and Goodbye."

For weeks, months, seasons and years it was always about who Amy would choose.

It's Graduation Day

In the end, I guess she chose herself. She didn't stay with Ricky, but she didn't definitely end up with Ben either. She choose to see where the next chapter of her life would take her... without her son. I can also imagine there will be a lot of strong reactions to that part of her decision.

Elsewhere, Grace and Jack finally broke up. Henry and Alice got back together. Omar came back for Adrian. Honestly, there's not much to say about a finale that was 80% filled with flashbacks. The one major scene was the break-up between Amy and Ricky. It showcased how well Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff have it in the future with their careers. They have both grown so much since the premiere in 2008 and have become great actors. Fox should not have passed on Delirium with Kagasoff at the helm. 

That scene was heartbreaking for so many reasons, including the fact that it was finally the honest truth from both of them. They weren't in love and while they loved each other, it wasn't ultimately enough. I only hope that John grows up to have a good life.

After everything we’ve been through, we both just deserve to be madly in love when we get married. | permalink

I guess Amy did have a point with what she said and hopefully all three of them will end up happy. That scene was probably the only positive thing I have to say about this finale.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the first show I have ever reviewed for TV Fanatic and seeing it through to the end was important to me, despite the many unrealistic, cheesy and sometimes downright awful storylines. A finale that basically phoned it in was a disservice to all of the people who did stick with the show through the years.

So that's it on my end. What about all of you viewers? Were you happy with the finale? Were you satisfied with the way it ended? I'm interested in hearing all of your thoughts so hit the comments! 


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the finale totally sucked!! i mean, 5 years of waiting for amy and ben to finally end up together and then they show us amy leavin for new york alone?! lts adrian that should end up alone for once and figure out the woman she is. All in all,this finale was wack, the writers should have done better than that


HORRIBLE!!!! How could Amy just leave Ricky and her son for College?! She made the decision to have the child! You can't just give up your responsibilities and go about your life like you didn't.. Poor Ricky :( I would deff. Like yo volunteer to be Johns new mommy! Lol


Absolutely the stupidest freaking show I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. No morals, no standards, just confusion and stupidity. And the portrayal of Christians was pretty embarrassing and fairly insulting.... I mean seriously? It is so easy to understand why the rest of the world sees American teenagers as slutty and intellectually vacant. We should all be wearing "Out to lunch" signs around our necks or better yet "Our for sex." Way to go ABC... this whole series from the first to the last show is more stupid than the Lost finale.

@ Tabitha

HA you're beyond dumb, moron.
and kind ofwhat pathetic troll watches a show "from the first to the last episode" they clearly hate oh so much???? just SCARY stupid XD oh and FYI
Lost FInale - 10/10 and anyone else with half a brain get a clue, moron ; )


I have tried to say this, but I am kind of disappointed and glad. I hated Ben/Adrienne didn't get back together, and she will never become the woman her daughter would have wanted her to be. But, I am glad that Ricky didn't get everything he wanted in the end. I am hoping Amy stays away from Ben. I am angry Ben is still in love with Amy, and that Ashley didn't come back. But I feel sorry for the people who were shallow and only judged others on the show for their looks and not their integrity. I'm so happy I stopped wathcing in season 4 when Ben was caught with pot.

@ wimafaye

blah blah you and your shallow shit. you bitch about people hating Ben, yet you hate Ricky and Amy, what makes you any better? You're annoying


So sad...I didn't feel any closure.


This television show on ABC Family of the cast "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" was amazing! The first time I saw the first episode I was determined to continue my whole summer to finish all 5? Or 6? Seasons. This show is an amazing show for many teens to watch to be able to do the right things, and by knowing that by learning from their mistakes that many teens will be aware of all the situations many teens go through everyday of their lives. On the other hand, I honestly was a big fan of Amy and Ricky "staying together for a lifetime" but not every relationship has that happy ending. Yes, I agree both Amy and Ricky have been through other relationships with others and they were given big opportunities to become older than they are. Ricky was with many other girls because he was trapped from his past, he learned to make his personal life best to his ability. Ben was so caught up in "having a girlfriend" that he wanted someone all to himself, Ben and Amy, Ben and Grace, even Ben and Adrian, but Ben loved his his first love... And he wasn't going to let some "guy" ruin what him and Amy had. Adrian was obsessed with wanting a guy to do stuff with her and my opinion she just wanted to feel "wanted". I believe that Ricky was Adrian's first love, they were each others.. But Ricky has slept with so many other girls that he was just trying to have someone who actually is "in love with him" and after everything that Amy and Ricky been through I honestly think that they belong together to make the best life for John. And Amy was being really selfish about having the life that she has always dreamed about. But Amy and Ricky took a huge risk by having sex and not using a condom with knowing the consequences on what that. Would lead to.


This ending was horrible!! They should do a 2 hr special with a better ending. Im sure all the faithful viewers would agree that she needs to come back home after realizing that ricky and her are in love and that she has been selfish all along Is so thankful for how he stepped up to be a good man and father




Amy is a selfish bitch the finale proved it that show was dymb from the start i would have liked it if amy hadnt been auch an annoying whiny bitch every time i see it i wanna punch her nd curse her out. Shes a delusional idiot but everyone else isnt that bad

@ leslie

Stop calling her the B word. Amy is not the B word. She did some stupid decisions and she whined a lot. But all teenagers do, especially usually females. So just leave her alone and stop calling her bad words.


after that ending we should get more seasons i was very upset with that ending!!!!!!!!

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

High school has not been kind to you either.

Amy [to Ben]

It took a long long time for me to grow up, so I'm sorry if you got hurt along the way.

George [to Amy]