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After an unforgettable season marked by standout performers, it all came down to the final results show and America's votes. Who would be crowned The Voice winner here in Season 4?

Would it be The Swon Brothers, the country crooning duo on Team Blake?

Could indie-rock leaning Michelle Chamuel, of the first-ever Team Usher?

Or Danielle Bradbery, the Texas teen whose appeal seems magnetic?

There could be no wrong choice, but the results are in ...

The Voice Finale Photo

Danielle Bradbery has won The Voice Season 4!!

"I'm so thankful," said the overwhelmed-looking Texan, just 16 years of age and having never performed in public before this show, after her win as her eyes filled up with tears.

"I'm sorry, I'm speechless," she added.

This is the third win in a row for Shelton, who also mentored Jermaine Paul and Cassadee Pope in Seasons 2 and 3, respectively, and who celebrated his 37th birthday Tuesday.

Michelle Chamuel, who many thought of as a dark horse, took second and the Swon Brothers third, predictably, in what was a fantastic season for all of these artists, coaches.

The show's camaraderie between coaches and artists remains off the charts, as does its popularity with fans. Will Danielle help expand its audience as a breakout solo star?

And you agree with the way it turned out?

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We enjoy this season great performers and without a doubt the great roll the judges played. My disapointment came with the final vote by the audience, I agree with Daniele been the winer however we must live in paralel universes since I dont think Chamuele deserves 2nd, 3rd or 4rd place. Sasha has better voice and the Swon Brothers are true performers.


The talent on The Voice this season was amazing! With the right team/managment Danielle will be the next big breakout star in country music. If The Voice wants to keep their ratings up they better do whatever deals they have to do to keep the current lineup of judges. Congrats Danielle! Way to go girl!


I think that Danielle definitely deserved to win. She sounded like she had the most talent overall. I was surprised when Michelle made it because I thought Sasha was a lot better. Despite this, everyone did a fantastic job this season and the Voice has continued to wow me and my family.


Based on talent whoever America chose would have been the right choice. Personally, I was pulling for Michelle.
During x-factor last season I commented to a friend that the reason I liked The Voice so much more is because of the judges/coaches. The judges/coaches on x-factor were putting down the performers on the other teams as a way to make their fellow coaches angry. Whenever Simon and Demi were spatting, for example, they would take it out on each other by criticizing their pupils. That's just wrong. That's why I prefer the Voice. That and the overall chemistry between the coaches.


I quit watching last season for 2 reasons: Christina and Celo. This season, especially the judges was great. Change judges and I will not watch. Last year Christina boobed me out and Celo's drag outfits were a little too much.


Wang dang country again. I hate country with that phony hillbilly contrived voice. People don't talk like that except in a few places. Singing wang dang . Great


The Voice hit new highs this year. The talent was incredible (several stars will be bore for sure)including the talent the thing that enthralled my wife and I with all our friends was the coaches. They were complimentary of not only all of the talent when it was warranted it, but NONE were negative toward their fellow coaches or any of the talent. IT WILL BE A HUGE MISTAKE TO SPLIT UP THE COACHES NEXT YEAR. It it works and works very well in this case, don't change it Aguilera had her chance and compared to Shakira she is an old washed up talent. Don't let the powers to be change the coaches. I promise your ratings will go down if they do.


This was a great season for the Voice!


What a season, they were all winners. Hats off to the judges who did an awesome job. Hope, wishing, they all come back next year they made the show so enjoyable to watch.