True Blood Review: Bill of Wrongs

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True Blood Season 6 kicked off with "Who Are You, Really?," an episode that picked up immediately following the events on the Season 5 finale and concluded...

... with the events on the Season 5 finale.

Not really. But kind of. Sort of. The major lingering question of what the heck happened to Bill when he arose from a pool of blood last year wasn't really answered. Instead, the concluding scene was a pretty big letdown, reminiscent of exactly what we witnessed on "Save Yourself."

Bill was once again inhabited by Lilith and is now... again, we don't really know.

New Bill Compton

I had no doubt in my mind that Bill was pulling one over on Jessica when he tucked her in and brought her a warm glass of milk Tru Blood.

His speech was so overwrought, so heavy-handed, so cheesy. I figured the finale would end with some God-like glimmer in Bill's eye as soon as he left Jessica's room, some kind of sign to the viewer that he had been lying and was, indeed, very aware of exactly who he was - and it was anything but the old, well-meaning, Sookie-obsessed Bill Compton.

Alas, Bill was telling his progeny the truth. Which sort of sucks, at least for now. I loved last season's slow but sure turning of this protagonist into a religion-based villain. I don't want some confused Bill Compton. I definitely don't want some all-powerful Bill Compton who means his friends no harm, as he made clear in their brief porch chat... just as he removed that pesky stake from his chest.

I want a bad ass Bill Compton, someone who either is God or thinks he's God or who at least poses a serious threat in order to shake things up in Bon Temps.

And, granted, we may still get him. But this premiere pretty much ran in place with the major cliffhanging issue of True Blood Season 5, keeping Bill's new powers and identity a mystery to both the viewers and himself. That was a letdown.


  • Great speech by Governor Burrell. Is it bad that I agreed with every word out of his mouth? I know we're supposed to be on the side of the vampires here, but from the governor's point of view? When it comes to protecting his citizens? You can't exactly blame the guy for cracking down on the enemy. And the best villains are the ones who reside in a morally grey area, not the ones twirling their figurative mustaches and conjuring up absurd, over-the-top scenarios. We should be in for a fun ride with the human vs. vampire conflict now going all the way up to the Louisiana Statehouse.
  • Also a big fan of the changing relationships that were teased on the premiere. Pam and Eric have clearly lost their bond, prompting the former to get closer to Tara. Jason has seemingly had it with Sookie, while our favorite faerie is no longer oscillating non-stop between Eric and Bill. Thank goodness. It will be refreshing change of pace if Season 6 does away with that love triangle entirely.
  • As for Jason's new mysterious friend? No way can it be Warlow. That vampire doesn't strike me as someone who would fake the role of hitch-hiking pal just to play some kind of con on his enemies. He'd bite first and ask questions later. Or bite first and then bite second and then bite third and not have any questions for anyone. The guess here? Jason and Sookie have a Faery Godfather.
  • Finally, forget Alcide's six-pack if you can for a few moments, ladies. It's his new role as pack master and the power that comes along with it we'll need to keep our eyes on. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, what will be the effects on this werewolf as the season progresses? And will anyone even care as long as he rarely wears a shirt?

What did everyone else think of the premiere? Are you satisfied with the answers we received regarding Bill? Are you looking forward to the escalation of the human vs. vampire war? Was there enough nudity? Is Jason really done with his sister? And the show's producer has teased a major character death at some point this season: Who will it be?!?

Sound off now: What did you make of the True Blood Season 6 premiere?


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RIP true blood. Sad to see what they came up with after being off the air so long. I guess they all got tired and just decided to phone it in. I'm wondering if there will be a season 7, hell I wonder if they will bother to complete season 6. Perfect time to cut the cord with cable, thanks HBO for making the decision so easy.


Dudes, it's Warlow. You don't cast Rutger bloody Hauer in a show and give him some minor role. This is a big BIG cheese.


Niall, anyone? Exact vibe I got from that dude. Even though Niall didn't care for Jason much...


I agree w/the majority feeling that this guy wasn't Warlow. First of all he was way to spacy and second, he knew all about Sookie and Jason w/particular interest in their family...also, he disappeared into fairy dust which screams fairy grandfather to me! :)
Thought this episode was really anticlimatic and am STILL confused as to WTF happened to Bill. However, if memory serves me correct, all of the season premieres are typically lackluster. Still looking forward to next week!!


I agree that this can never be Warlow. Some light particles ( blue , as far i can tell ) appeared as soon as he disappeared in the car. The light made me assume he is a fairy, or least and definitely not a vampire. Also, it makes sense he is related to Jason and Sookie. Warlow is only connected to Sookie and he might sense her, if that, and definitely not Jason. While a fairy godfather could sense both of them, no ? Furthermore, the letters on the pact started sparkling, which suggests that the dude is related to the pact, and Earl Stackhouse particularly.


I liked the episode. I liked the idea of Sookie FINALLY distancing herself from Eric. Sorry but I love Bill and I'm tired of all the "Kill Bill" crap from team Eric. I'd like to see her hook up with someone else if she can't be with Bill. But hey, that's just me. I also loved the end of the series in the book! Yay Sam!!
As far as Alcide, he's going down on my list as far as fav's. This power crap isn't my cup of tea and the threesome, typical.
Andy is adorable and I loved seeing him with the babies and then the girls. This is going to be a fun story line I think.
I respect everyone's view but I think the episode was decent and look forward to this season as I have every season. I liked them all.


It was awfull to watch what was happening to her. Pretty bloody ! Had my insides twisting !
SideNote : Sookie HAD TO fall at the beginning ! Typical !
I cannot wait for the rest as the season's trailer was quite interesting ! And I wanna see if Bill dies at the end.
But the writers should REALLY start focusing on the books a bit more, and less subplots (which I know they won't but oh well, had to try)


I agree, it was not a pilot-worth episode, but I still enjoyed it. And LaFayette had me in stitches !!!! Gosh that was funny !
Andy and his babies, sorry but I wanna see more. Hilarious !!!!
I wonder if it was Warlow in the car... not sure since he used the 3rd person, but still, Jason, u effing IDIOT !!!!! I wanted Tara to die a long time ago, now she got cool. Jason on the other, I wouldn't mind !
Why did they kill Luna...weird.
Alcide and the "bitches" LOL. Pointless. Shoulda kept it for next episode.
Eric and Sookie, as always, cannot wait for more. I wonder if Pam and Eric's relationship is deteriorating because Nora is there... Are they oing to arrest Pam ? Is Tara okay ?
WTF would Sookie sleep with that thing next to her ? Seriously !!!
And Bill...well, now I don' even know where to start ! I think Lilith has possessed him... but after that, ? What is he, still don't know. And poor Jessica, I know he's her maker but COME ON !!! That guy has turned into a EFFING PSYCHO !!!!! It was awfull to watch what was happening to her. Pretty bloody !


This wasn't the pilot I was expecting and hoping for. Not much happened. Average.


i really liked this episode though i doubt this is another fairy godfather, more lickly this is warlow or an underling of his, and the thing about wanting bill to have a glint in his eye and lying about knowing what he is, i dont know why you would want that, its so cliche, i find slowly learning with him much more facilitating.

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