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1. There were good bits and bad bits in this episode, but overall it had the choppy and cheap feel of something slapped together by amateurs.

2. The producers appear to be completely immune to fan complaints about the huge cast of characters and the proliferation of pointless subplots. I suppose you can praise them for sticking to their guns. You could possibly argue that the source material is so weak, they have to have a handful of plotlines in play ... except that very little of what's going on this season comes from Charlaine Harris' novels.

3. If I was allowed to cut one of the stupid and annoying subplots, I can't decide whether it would be the one involving Alcide and his "bitches" or the one with Andy and his babies. Aw, hell! As annoying as I find the werewolf stuff, Andy and the "alien" babies is just too stupid to bear.

2. I suspect they killed Luna because they didn't know what else to do with her.

Thanks, @Reema, I know the grizzled old guy was familiar, but I couldn't place him. Rutger Hauer. Roy Batty. Hm.


if it was their fairy godfather i dont see him picking jason up in a car either


I found it ironic that rutger haur is from the movie the hitcher..juat throwing that in there

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