Under the Dome Review: Pink Stars are Falling in Lines

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While Under the Dome is driven by the mysterious invisible force field that surrounds Chester's Mill, that's not the only suspicious activity in the town. Could all or some of the mysteries be related?

The devastation caused by the Dome's appearance was effectively demonstrated without being over-the-top. The cow cut in half was disgusting to witness, but it was a way to relate what killed some of the town's residents without showing their deaths. The plane and truck crash were both devastating. There's no escaping the Dome from the road or the sky.

Under the Dome Premiere Pic

The pilot was successful in introducing the characters, their relationships, and challenges that face the town. With the exception of Barbie, I didn't find any of the characters extraordinary. Instead, they appeared to be typical of what you would expect in a small American town. 

For a closed-society story such as Under the Dome, that didn't bother me as it might on other shows. What I did find intriguing was the town's dynamics, including the fishy behaviors. Why was Big Jim stockpiling propane? And why did the Sheriff turn a blind eye to Jim's activities?

On the surface, when the townspeople find out they don't have an energy shortage, but are out of food and other necessities, they will question whether Big Jim knew the Dome was coming. Even though, it doesn't appear Jim's involved, Junior's proclamation that he knows what's going on will only further support that his father is involved.

While the propane stockpiling may not be connected to the appearance of the Dome, it's possibly connected to Barbie's appearance in town and the murder of Julia's husband. Though, Barbie could have been there negotiating a different deal. 

Either way, it was creepy that Barbie was going to stay at the home of the man he murdered and with the dead man's wife. Julia and Barbie had some hot chemistry in their interactions regardless of the distance between them. Since she believes her husband was having an affair, would she consider hooking up with Barbie?

The two of them are the ones I'm most interested in watching. As an ex-military man with secrets and an investigative reporter, they are most likely to push people's buttons and make things happen in this newly closed off town.

As far as the Dome itself, the challenges that are facing the town were only briefly touched upon, but each episode they should play a larger role in the story. As resources run out, will a Lord of the Flies atmosphere take over? Or will leaders step up and effectively run the town?

With Big Jim pushing for more power and with Duke's death, I fear for the town. While he could provide control over the town, a dictator is not what Chester's Mill needs. And, with his psycho kidnapping son, they are the family to fear.

There were several outlier characters who could play a major role in figuring out what's going on. DJ Phil and Dodee have control of the communication. If they are able to break through the Dome to either hear or contact the outside world, they will be pivotal in solving the mystery.

Joe has the determination and understanding to investigate the dome and uncover its origins. He may be a teenager, but he could have a major role to play due to his inquisitive nature. Plus, he could be easily dismissed and overlooked. 

Could the seizure that he and Norrie had be a significant clue? A means of communication by an outside, even alien force? They both repeated the exact same phrase, "The pink stars are falling in lines." What does that mean? Since Norrie is from out of town, it heightens the mystery.

Overall, Under the Dome premiered with a compelling story that is based around the force field. The individual mysteries wouldn't be as interesting on their own, but when introduced in the closed-off town of Chester's Mill it adds to the intrigue.

Were you sold on Under the Dome? Will you be tuning in to watch again next week? Which character did you find the most compelling?


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For those of you who never read the book and are going on about the particulars and science.. I'll admit I tried to read it about a year and a half ago and it was so thick and heavy as a hardback I found it hard to read. From what I remember the dome is semi-permeable. It allows air and such in, so it's not like the entire town is under a 10 foot thick bell jar. The dome is maybe a mile or two tall and goes around the whole town. I cannot remember how it is Barbie and the military men talk when they find him - but I know that they can communicate, be it talking out loud and you can hear through it - or somehow they got something under it or a cell phone.. I'm relistening to it. I know the psycho bf in the book beat his gf to death and raped her so this whole locking this girl in the bomb shelter as far as I know, never happened. I also nowhere remember the whole spazzing out "pink falling stars" line anywhere in the first few chapters I know it blew out pacemakers.


just read they plan to use hydrofluoric acid in massive quantities to eat away the bubble. hf acid really? not only the wrong acid to use but one that would quite literally be as deadly to nearby life as if you opened up a nuclear reactor and let all the radiation filter out into the environment. hf does not burn away or eat substances like acids we typically think of. it is one that if for example spilled on your arm would look and feel like ordinary water until under the skin your bones would start to be destroyed. that much acid used in such a manner would devastate the water, the air, no human life could exist for hundreds of miles, especially downwind or downstream. i guess the verdict is in early on the series, a bomb, sorry mr. king they butchered your work this time around.


they forgot one really big deal WATER. that dome, it blocks the atmosphere so no rain from above, no rivers or underground source of water either. so plants without rain will start to die off quickly, last to go will be the old trees with big tap roots. but long before that happens people will have no water to drink. but they also need to think about temperatures. if they are truly cut off and only visible light gets through but not the infrared spectrum e.g. heat, then basic physics would dictate that they would get cold quickly cut off from external systems. it is only because of the size of the earth, our oceans and geography that we have a climate that supports life. so there is but one question to ask, will they die from lack of water,air or freeze to death first? if this show ignores basic science and the writing in the first episode is indicative of what lies ahead, the series will be cancelled long before anyone dies inside that bubble.

Carla day

@Patricia That show was another summer series, Persons Unknown. I liked that series and was disappointed that it didn't make it another season, especially with that cliffhanger ending.


Although it was good, it reminded me of another series that was similar. I don't remember the name of the series, it involved people that were in a hotel, and at the end of the street was an invisible wall that would electrocute anyone who tried to get through it. I kind of prefer something original, like Flash Forward.


I was intrigued. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I did not read the book so I can enjoy the show as is, without comparing it to the novel. I definitely will keep watching!


There was no indiction of ventilation holes in the dome so where is the oxygen coming from in order for the townspeople to be able to continue breathing? With the burning candles, bonfires, and generators I am surprised that the supply of oxygen has not already been depleted. And why cant they plow under the dome? Hmmm Oh well, this is TV and logic does not always take first place...


I don't agree about Barbie killing Julia's husband. They did not show him killing him but looking at the face as the body bag was being closed. I don't know if Julia will be a slut because her kids are in the house. I think she was kidding because she also said she knew him better. You have implied a lot that did not seem to me to have been obvious. The only one I saw coming on to Barbie was that young foolish girl. The dome must be very large. We saw a car wreck, a man stagger out, look as the dome come down, cut a cow in half, then he walks over and put his hand on the cow, on the dome, talks to a young man that has approached and then a plane crashes in the dome. If the plane had any speed the dome must be about 50-60 miles wide.


I wish it had stuck closer to the book which was great! I will watch again but found the many differences between the two to be very distracting.


I was really disappointed with the premiere of Under the Dome! It was not true to the book in so many aspects. I will not watch any more because the book was so good and this is not true to the book and can't beat it. Glad you tried!

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