Veronica Mars Movie Shocker: Who's Holding Hands?

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We hope you are sitting down, Veronica Mars fans. And not operating any heavy machinery at the moment.

A set photo from the Veronica Mars movie has hit the Internet and it features Kristen Bell in the title role... Chris Lowell at Piz... and the pair holding hands!!!

All we have to go on at the moment is the following picture, but even without any kind of context, there's not much to make of this image aside from the assumption that Veronica will be with her college boyfriend when she hits the big screen next year.

Veronica Mars Set Photo

Is it possible Rob Thomas released this photo just to mess with fans? Absolutely.

Is it also possible that there's no future for Veronica and Logan? We suppose. But we don't wanna entertain that possibility.

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Put on weight???? I was thinking she looks great for just having a baby in this picture.


Blasphemy!! I did not wait this long to see THAT happen!!
I loved Piz, and I love Chris Lowell (especially as Dell), but in no way is this okay!


@whathappened she just had a baby dumbass... and she looks amazing


Wow she put on weight...


euh ok Rob is better be a big FAT joke ! Get it ?! We did not campaign for this movie to see THAT !


If the movie doesnt end with her being with Logan, its pointless. Also, if they havent come up with a good direction for what Logan's done with his life since College, it'll be shite aswell. If he's still the richboy living off daddy's money, then it'll be a sadsack movie.


Veronica Mars Quotes

Girl, you should hear what people say about you.


This is my school. If you go here, your parents are either millionaires or your parents work for millionaires. Neptune, California, a town without a middle class. If you’re in the second group, you get a job; fast food, movie theatres, mini-marts. Or you could be me. My after-school job means tailing philandering spouses or investigating false injury claims.

Veronica Mars