Warehouse 13 Review: The Ex-Factor

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"Runaway" shed a little light on Steve’s past when his ex joined the team to catch a prison escapee.

Before we get to Steve and Liam, I really need to talk about my general thoughts on the second half of Warehouse 13 Season 4. The first half was cohesive, really telling a fun and dramatic story with Artie that rippled across the entire warehouse and everyone working in it... but this second half feels rushed and choppy.

Since the midseason premiere, each subsequent episode seems to lose a little bit of depth and complexity in exchange for just a routine artifact retrieval mission. There’s been no mention of Charlotte, and the lingering emotions of Leena’s death seem to be completely wrapped up.

Claudia's On Stage

I’m all for the extra humor, but part of the charm is also seeing the longer arcs sprinkled in the rest of the season. Things started out well, as Artie dealt with the consequences of what he did and the introduction of Charlotte and Sutton, but they have been mostly stagnate since then.

Moving on, I’ve been waiting patiently for Warehouse 13 to start shedding some light on Steve’s past. Steve and Liam have great chemistry together and bringing Pete and Myka into the fold instead of Claudia brought about some overprotectiveness out of Myka and, well, more of the same from Pete:

Pete: Okay wait a minute he dumped you? Why would anyone do that? I mean look at you: looks, brains, taste, a deep knowledge of guns and blowing things up. What's not to love?
Myka: Do you need us to hate him? Because we can hate him. | permalink

I had forgotten all about Steve’s ability to know when someone is lying and the affects it would have on a relationship. Little white lies are healthy for a relationship because brutal honesty can only last so long; and, while Liam is never being brutally honest by choice, Steve’s ability to catch him in the act is basically the same thing – perhaps making it even worse since Steve knows he’s lying. Bringing a double-edged sword to the entire process.

Since Liam and Steve do end up leaving each other on good terms - and apparently the sex was great too (would it have killed Syfy to show us a little bit of that action?) - I’m hoping we get to see Liam and Steve together again before the series comes to a close.

Artie and Claudia’s adventure, meanwhile, gave Artie the thing he wanted most: spending some time with Claudia on her birthday. It looks like Artie is beginning to get a little bit of empty nest syndrome with Claudia. He’s taught her everything he knows and she does almost all of it better than he does. He wants to find a new place in her life and to redefine their bond.

What are you thoughts on the episode?


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I often wonder if episodes like this are written by writers that are contracted or not aware of the other stories written for that seasons. I saw this with Eureka as well, there would be a few episodes that fit into the over-arching story, and then suddenly one that didn't fit in at all. Then again, there was one scene where Myka mentions the shelves still being unstable, so maybe I'm just crazy... For the record, the lack of Abigail at the B&B had me feeling the same way as Nick. -- fun episode, but missing something.


I loved this episode I thought it was funny and it felt like the old episodes with a case of the week and them almost dying but it ending with a great happy ending. I like the long story arcs but they can't have them every episodes they have to have a break with them because if they do it to often I get bored with it but when it's spread out it makes it more exciting. I loved finding out more about Steve's past and I hope we do see Liam again but we might not cause they left on a good good bye. I thought them bringing up the clown a lot was funny and Myka and Claudia both saying please let the big suprized not be a clown right after the other it was funny. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


It seems like I'm the only one, but I love case of the week episodes and hate those looming long term storylines... On any show, not just this one. It's just more fun to watch if I know everything will be fine by the end... Anyways, I loved the episode: More backstory for Steve, interesting dynamic with him, Pete and Myka, and Claudia on the stage!
(Yes, the Prius stuff was ridiculous, but you know what - I've almost gotten used to it, so it didn't even bother me anymore ;)


Scientifically impossible.


I kept wanting the promised clown to be Claudia's brother....


I really hate it when writers write scenes with no comprehension of the laws of nature or physics. Sure this is a show about artifacts that can do supernatural things, excluding those laws, I get that, but they keep referring to the artifact is producing LAVA! Lava is a liquid at temperatures from 700 to 1,200 °C (1,292 to 2,192 °F) The tires would immediately catch fire and pop lowering the car. The gas tanks would explode. The rubber hoses, belts, electrical insulation would have caught fire; the oil in the oil pan would have separated and turned into varnish causing the crankshaft to seize. Driving w/cars that should have been on fire (ROFL) would have been impossible! Our heroes would have been incinerated from the radiant heat from 2,000+ degrees. Outside of that, the show was allright!

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Don't make me stab you again.


Pete: Okay wait a minute he dumped you? Why would anyone do that? I mean look at you: looks, brains, taste, a deep knowledge of guns and blowing things up. What's not to love?
Myka: Do you need us to hate him? Because we can hate him.