Bones Producers Tease Season 9, Priestly Debut, A Very "Slippery" Pelant

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Who is the most furious at Booth on Bones Season 9? Who is, surprisingly, taking his necessary rejection of Brennan the best?

Why is Sweets feeling so guilty?

What figure from Booth's past will play a key role on the September 16 premiere?

We caught up with producers Ian Toynton and Hart Hanson at Comic-Con this weekend and picked their brains regarding what fans can expect this fall. Is there any hope at all for the show's main couple? For how long will Pelant stick around?

Watch the exclusive interview now and let the countdown to "The Secrets in the Proposal" begin.

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The finale ending felt like an episode of a soap opera, tearing the lovers apart again. Slap in the face to the faithful viewers.

Aja bird

Season 8 "finale" felt like a middle season episode. If they don't do away with Pelant soon, they will be shedding viewers instead.


All sounds very interesting for Season 9. I wasn't at all happy though with the Season 8 finale. I felt it was a bit thin and that there would have been ways around the situation in Booth telling Brennan what had actually happened regarding the Pelant and the proposal. However I have been an ardent fan since the pilot ans will not stop watching until the full story is told. Looking forward to September

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