Burn Notice Review: Game of Koshka and Mouse

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After taking last week off so that we could celebrate July Fourth, Burn Notice brought its own fireworks out to play, as Michael continued to try and get out of Cuba in "Exit Plan."

I’m not sure what surprised me more about the beginning of this episode: that so little was actually said about Burke or the Michael found and got Sonya to trust him before I could get completely settled on the couch.

Problems in Cuba

I was really expecting him to have to work for her trust, maybe a test at the cigar factory, that's why they were waiting alone. Well, I guess fighting their way past the Russian military after Oksana killed Sonya’s former contact was a pretty good test of trust. 

That said, I have to admit: I  am really liking Alona Tal as Sonya. The conversation below with Michael about why he had such a low body county had just a hint of admiration without being fully fan-girl on him.  

Sonya: I realized you only kill when it's absolutely necessary. See after a while I could look at a diagram of operations pretend who you'd let live.
Michael: So your theory was that I'm noble.
Sonya: Or just weak.

On the flip side of the coin, of course, was Colonel Oksana. The choice of the short pixie haircut, heavy eye liner mixed with her platinum blonde hair and complete white suite gave her such a striking look that when you added in the cold-blooded Russian assassin attitude she made a helluva adversary.

There were a few minutes where I wondered if Michael, Sonya, Jesse and "The Chin" were going actually to make it out of Cuba at all... much less in a single episode. Oksana was so amazingly well played by Marina Benedict, is it wrong that I hope she turns up again?

Finally, we had Fiona facing off with Strong in Miami. Did anyone else expect her to use the old Michael Corleone line “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in” when she was telling Carlos she couldn’t go with him? I know Fiona is angry at Michael, but this seems a bit pig-headed even for her. 

I’m not sure what going to happen with the two of them now. I can’t imagine bringing home a cute and attractive Russian with the skills to rival Michael is going to win him any brownie points with her. As for Sonya, I have to agree with Jesse and Sam; they better not turn their backs on her. 

Overall, I’m giving the episode 4.7 exploding cars in honor of an awesome pyrotechnic show that Michael put on and another excellent outing by Michael and the gang. 


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Now this is what Burn Notice used to be like. Continue.


I really liked the episode, but I had one issue with Oksana. She is supposed to be the top investigator at the GRU, yet she didn't do any background on Michael Westen. I mean, any real investigator would have known who Sam and Jesse were. Maybe Russian secret intelligence is just as incompetent as the NSA and the CIA. Good episode though.


Maybe you wonder who it was and how Simon play into it


I like Sonya.


I loved this episode. I was a little surprised with Strong trying so hard to get Fiona to join them. I knew Fiona and Carlos's relationship wouldn't last long because there will always be something between her and Michael even if she says she's done with him that's never going to be true. I like Sonya she's a really fun character and I love the actress who plays her she's been one of my favorite characters in a few other shows she's been in like supernatural. I can't wait to see what happens next week with them all back in Miami.

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Michael: We found the man who sold you to the Russians. Then we came after you.
Sonya: You keep saying "we" but I don't see Randall.
Michael: He didn't make it out. He sacrificed himself to save you. He's gone I'm sorry.
Sonya: He's dead? How convent for you, isn't it?

Fiona: [on the phone with Madeline] It will be for a couple of weeks. Will you and Charlie be ok?
Madeline: I'll be ok Fiona, as long as you are here for his Birthday, we are doing dinosaurs and trains.