Castle Season 6: Our Wish List

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September 23rd? September 30th? The date is anyone's guess, as fans wait for ABC to announce the Castle Season 6 premiere. Of course the big question is how will Kate answer Castle's surprise proposal of marriage.

But we're going to side step the fray over whether Kate Beckett should say yes, no or not yet. We've got other things on our mind.

As Castle fans suffer through the long, hot summer without a new episode, we've decided to bide our time by composing a list of all the other important milestones for which we've been longing.

So read on TV Fanatics. Check out our wish list and let us know which of these story lines you'd like to see Castle tackle this fall.

Caskett at Home

Our Castle Season 6 Wish List:

Why Kate's a Fan? - Kate confesses to Castle how his books helped her deal with her mother's death. In our opinion, telling him is long overdue.

Third Time's a Charm? - Castle shares with Kate why his two marriages failed, including the detail about Meredith cheating on him.

I love you. - Either of them saying it , without being prompted by a major argument or life threatening moment.

A Night Out - Kate accompanies Castle to a public, formal event. Movie premiere? Book launch? Johanna Beckett Scholarship Fundraiser? You choose.

Kate's Confession -That she was about to accept Castle's invitation to the Hamptons in season 2. He should know how close they came, long before he thought he had a chance.

Why He Writes About Death - Castle teased us (and Beckett) with a story back in "Vampire Weekend" in season 2. Now give us the real version.

Meeting Mom - Kate takes Castle to her mother's grave site.

A Walk on the Beach - Another trip to the Hamptons, this time with more romance and less murder.

Your turn. Which of the above would you most like to see for Castle and Beckett in season 6?

But we're not done yet! We don't want to leave anyone out, so here's our wish list for everyone other than Castle and Beckett:

Dr. Parish Gets Her Day - A Lanie-centric episode where we learn her back story.

Special Delivery - A funny/poignant delivery scene for Ryan and Jenny's baby.

How Far They've Come - They'll never love one another (and we wouldn't want them to) but how about Castle and Capt. Gates. being forced to work together.

In the Beginning… -  Beckett & Esposito are close. Show us how they got there.

Bonding time - Alexis & Kate must have some sort of relationship. We'd love to see evidence of that.

Little Castle - No not that. At least not yet. But we'd love to hear Martha tell Kate about Castle's childhood.

Which gets your vote for an upcoming story?

OK, TV Fanatics. Cast your votes above and then tell us your thoughts and anything you think we missed in the comments below.

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I am somewhat of a romantic and I want them together. I can't shake this feeling of dread in the back of my brain. I am afraid that Kate will say no to castle and leave for D.C. He will be heartbroken and would probably go back to his old lifestye. Kate will be miserable and come back but castle will be unavailable. Also I don't see a way they can fix the situation if they break up. I can't imagine they will break up but knowing TV I won't be surprised if that happens. Please writers keep them together, don't toy with us.


What I want to happen is for Kate to say yes to the proposal and no to the job. then talk about the relationship. Put everything out on the table and work it out. The caskett issue needs to be resolved quickly. Once that happens everything will fall into place. then they can feature to secondary cast in some episodes.


Some passionate kissing and for Castle to take the lead for once. The fundraiser for Beckett's mom would be awesome and also if Beckett showed up at one of Castle's book signings to surprise him. The look on his face would mirror his in Season 2 When the Bough Breaks when Beckett was in the blue dress and Castle was wowed by her.


Yes, talking! These two never talk. It's all subtext and it's frustrating as hell. How about Beckett's PTSD? They covered it for one episode and then never approached it again. PTSD can be handled but it doesn't simply disappear. And Castle never, ever asked about that or her therapy or her summer alone after her shooting or when exactly she broke up with Josh. Come on writers! There's so much material to mine for this couple and fans are dying to see it.


To have them actually talk about the things that happened in their past would be awesome. Like the Demming/Gina debacle of season 2 or Rick telling Kate how Meredith cheated on him or why he and Gina broke up but got back together and broke up again. Done well, those conversations could become some of the show's best episodes. Also, Castle and Gates working together could be epic and I'd love to see Martha and Kate spend more time together. Can we bribe the writers to use these lists for season 6? I want it all!


Please can we get past this dramatic period as early as possible and get our couple back together again. What we need more than anything now is plenty of togetherness and sharing love between Beckett and Castle. There are many thousands of terrific detective, intriguing stories where the writers can obtain their ideas for future episodes of Castle, it would be perfect for our very special couple to continue solving crimes and private moments together.


Can I add I would like writers who know what has happened in previous series. for example any writer should know Castle is a much better shot than Beckett as we saw in Series 1 at the target range and series 2 when he saves Beckett's life by shooting a gun out of the maniac's hand as he is about to shoot nikki Heat! Consistency please and yes too much subtext gets very annoying


Subtext drives me crazy. AM if you want it said please SAY it. Subtext leaves too much to the imagination of the viewer. I think all the Castle/Beckett options listed above are good ones but especially the two being alone in the Hamptons talking out everything. "PHONES TURNED OFF or left in NY". "NO RYAN running up the beach saying you guys have to see this". I think something like this needs to occur before they are engaged. How I think the things will actually go, Beckett will say NO to Castle and YES to the job in DC. Both characters will be miserable for a time. If AM doesn't bring them back together in very short order, the show will die. Cancelled by Christmas. Sorry AM. Castle said, "The Heart wants what the Heart wants" and "Fandom wants what Fandom wants". They don't care about how many hurdles you can come up with to keep these two apart. The show is starting to become predictable and absurd.


Ooooh, it is impossible for me to choose! Don't make me choose! LoL! I equally would love to see Castle share with Kate about his past marriages, for Kate to tell Castle what his books meant to her and would love for her to share with Castle that she broke it off with Demming to go to the Hampton's with him back in the Season 2 finale. Want to REALLY REALLY see them together, all dressed up, at a formal social engagement/out in public. And to share a slow dance. I think that would be sweet. Home is Where the Heart Stops is one of my favorite episodes. I would love another scene that flashes back to the one of them dancing at the auction. And IF there was another auction, for Kate to bid on Castle this time! Ha! Can't wait for Season 6! It's going to be great! C'mon September!


@Cathy that would be cool I was thinking christmas but that better

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