Castle Season 6 Production Delayed Amid Nathan Fillion-ABC Feud

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Production on Castle Season 6 is currently being delayed due to an ongoing feud between ABC Studios and series star Nathan Fillion, who failed to show up to work on Friday, July 12.

Fillion is pushing for a four-day work week as part of a contract dispute.

Very Concerned Castle

The actor was back on set Tuesday and was scheduled to be there moving forward, so it's unclear how long production will be affected or whether similar walkouts can be expected.

While sources say that ABC and the show's producers want to keep Nathan Fillion happy, it's hard for production to move to a four-day work week, since he is in almost every scene.

He hasn't taken the feud public, however.

Thursday, he Tweeted about working with new guest star Lisa Edelstein. Then, asked by a fan if he was happy to be back with the Castle family, Fillion posted a photo of crew members.

"Wouldn't you be?" he said.

Castle is still set to return Monday, September 23 ... four-day weeks or not.

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dovè l alchimia che cera tra i due bechet e castle?e sti baci quasi finti ma perche? mentre sono cosi belli insieme in amore dovresti osare di più


Hi! I'm just a fan who really love this Castle series, especially Stana Katic and maybe because I relate myself to Mr. Castle...seriously entertaining, keep up and God bless to you all and thank you...


In catching a number of earlier episodes of Castle, the frustration I have with the Castle after connecting with Beckett is that he no longer is the bright witty pain-in-the-ass, he's just a pain, a sympathetic pain. He's lost his strength, creative thinking in solving crimes, he looks really hapless in Year 5. Give him back some of writers "story skills", make him look like someone Beckett would want to be in love with, not someone she feels sorry for.
Castle's "writer's angle" was always interesting.


Boy with all of the new actors they've seem to have hired you'd think he could have a 4 day work week.


Before any more unknowing people bash Fillion who has always been a standup guy...the inside story is he is doing this in support of the production crew which has supposedly been getting screwed over for a few years now...let's wait til all the whole story comes out


Has anyone heard if he showed up to work yesterday the 19th?


While I will refrain from making comments on Mr Fillion's character based on this skeletal story - I will say this; only in Hollywood. If a regular person did that on their regular job, there would likely be consequences waiting the next day.


Yeah I'd go easy it's not the first time a actor has been written out of a series due to disputes.
It doesn't really matter if your the primary lead or not it can happen.


Nooooo..I love Alexis :). Anyway...Everyone has the right to better their situation, if they can. However, I hate these kinds of disputes. It's unprofessional to Nottingham show up. Yes, the rest of the cast likely worked around his absence but having to change things around likely inconvenienced everyone else. Come on Nate...don't step on the little people. As for Stana, she is constantly expressing her gratitude toward the show and its fans. That doesn't guarantee she won't start her own dispute, but she seems to appreciate the gig.


Without knowing his reasoning for the 4-day work week, it's hard to say whether or not he's being selfish. I will say that there were numerous moments last season when he (and other cast members) looked bored by what was happening. A move to DC might freshen things up and give the writers a chance to brush off some of the characters who've outlived their usefulness (namely, Alexis).

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