Coming to Once Upon a Time: Tinker Bell!

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You had to know she was coming, didn't you, TV Fanatics?

With Once Upon a Time Season 3 set to visit Neverland this fall, TV Guide Magazine's William Keck confirms that Peter Pan's wing-sporting fairy friend will play "a significant role" on future episodes, with viewers learning that Tinker Bell shares an unexpected connection with a series regular.

Neal, Emma and David

Which regular? What sort of connection? And which actress should take on this iconic role?

All good questions. All issues that will be covered a lot more in depth at Comic-Con next week. And all topics you should discuss in our new Once Upon a Time forum!

UPDATE: Rose McIver has been cast in this key role.

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Since Kristen Bell is too busy they should get Dreama Walker to play Tink, she the perfect embodyment and since her show was cancelled she's available


Well, she has wings, so I would say a relative of the Blue Fairy.

Spindae 2o

She could be Emma's Twin! Or Mary Margaret's!


I think it's either Neal/Rumple or Regina. My vote is that she took Bae out of NL 20 years ago, yet she owns the Home Office. Yet, she knew exactly where Rumple was, in SB. After she heard about Owen's escape from Maine, his crazy story that magic existed and took his father. She decided to visit this town, bcos Owen said, this woman's name was Regina. Tink knew of this name. Went to SB, met Rumple as Gold. They had a relationship, mentioned her past about NL. Then 10 years ago, she came back and surprised Gold again. She told him that Henry was a child who needed a home, he was her adoptive-grandson. Tink could be Nea;'s Adoptive Mother known as Mrs. Cassady.


Maybe Kristen Bell? I don't have any idea who should play that pixie..But I think she has a history with Rumple....From his one remark, he seemed to know a bit about Neverland.


Lily Cole should play Tinkerbell. She has the perfect Cupie-Doll face for Tinkerbell. She was in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.


I think that she shares a connection with Hook and that she do not approve of the way Peter Pan been lately.

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