Dexter Review: One Right Turn?

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Well, that was both very cool and very anti-climactic.

As Deb and Dexter shared the world's most tension-filled car ride toward the end of "Scar Tissue," I wondered what the former had in mind. Would she really grab the wheel? Was she really thinking of sending both effed up siblings to their watery graves?

You could see the disturbing wheels turning inside Deb's head, leading one to think she truly was contemplating just such a move... yet it was still startling when she actually went through with it. Yes, I may have gasped out loud.

Dangerous Car Ride

But it was equally disappointing when she immediately rescued her brother.

Granted, I'm very glad the episode didn't conclude with a cliffhanger that tried to pretend as if Dexter might actually die. But couldn't that fisherman have jumped in and saved Dexter's life? It may make sense that Deb would regret her decision and realize she couldn't actually go through with it - but it felt like a pretty big cop out for that second guessing to take place the instant the car hit the lake.

The show wanted us to be shocked that Deb would actually take such a wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it) turn and yet it couldn't quite go all the way with her. It had to instantly assure viewers that Deb wasn't truly a murder. Well, a double murderer.

Still, allow me to continue to give props to the writing team for going so far with Deb. She's taking drugs, she's drinking and driving, she's committing murder, she's coming close to killing both herself and her sibling... this spiral seems to know no bounds and it's impressive for a series to take a main character to such a dark place.

In fact, this feels a lot like Deb's story now, doesn't it? We've spent over seven seasons inside Dexter's head, as he self-analyzes himself and tries to determine where he fits in. There's not very much left to explore at this point (although the addition of Dr. Vogel has opened up a few fresh doors). But Deb? She's been a straight-laced curse machine until now.

It's fascinating to watch Jennifer Carpenter's committed performance and to wonder what Deb will do next. The guilt of killing LaGuerta and the reaction to her brother's true identity has been the driving force behind Dexter Season 8, propelling the story in a number of directions. And none of them make it look like a happy ending is on the horizon.


  • Masuka has a daughter.
  • Quinn passed the sergeant's exam.

Yeah. I didn't care about either of those storylines either.

But sound off now on the ending to this episode. What did you think?


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Regarding Yates again, many seem to find it sloppy that he left his laptop behind. Maybe so, then again, it's not like Dr. Vogel or Dex can go to the police for a warrant to search Yates' place. From the looks of things, Yates isn't really on the run. He was sleeping in his truck lol All he knew was that Vogel was on to him and some guy with the police using unorthodox methods to obtain partial prints off those shoes was getting info. His only weakness was his father, which he threw out the window if it meant saving his own life. There are numerous times when Dex has killed 'unconventionally'. He traveled all the way to Paris to kill Lila. He killed in an airport lost baggage room, so I don't see any shock of him strolling into the nursing home.


"Yeah. I didn't care about either of those storylines either." comments like this are why Matt is my favorite reviewer.


They telegraphed Deb's intent way too much - there was actually no surprise to it at all (well acted by Carpenter, though). And, if she seriously wanted to kill herself and Dexter, why not in a more secluded spot and/or at night? perhaps the idea was that she was conflicted - after all, if she were really set on this course of action, she could have just shot him and herself, and that probably would have seemed fitting to her.


I couldn't get past the fisherman exiting the scene right after he saved Deb. The writers could've written something for him - like maybe he was too winded to go after him. Have the camera pan over to him gasping on the ground while Deb gets up. Other than that it was a great episode. As soon as she told Quinn that she wanted him to be happy, it felt like she was saying goodbye (which she was). And then when she met up with Dexter, I said (out loud) "oh she's going to kill him". Which, frankly speaks to the great writing and her acting. I loved it. Brian B.'s point about Yates leaving his laptop is important too. I know they have to advance the story but at least make Dexter work for it.


I can see how angry he is about that, as shown in the preview. I think this season is great so far and I like what they're doing with Deb. We all knew there would be tremendous fall-out after Deb saw Dex kill. I'm glad they aren't just glossing over it or only mentioning it for a few episodes. We see Deb's POV as much as we see Dex's now and it's not a pretty sight.


Deb had just found out that Harry killed himself, mostly due the guilt he felt with Dexter. Deb's intentions of going to the police department weren't good. Harry's words echoed in her mind. "I don't think I can live with it." It's clear she can't live either when everything is out in the open. I don't find her saving Dex to be some sort of cop out. Who knows what went through her mind when she came to? Maybe flashes of Harrison as she saw Dex going down into the water. She's not like him and this was a perfect example of that. Regardless of how screwed up she is, she's still nothing like Dex. As for Yates leaving his computer behind, I don't think he expected anyone to find that hidden panel/doorway. Dex wouldn't have seen it if it weren't for that small sliver of light. The scene at the hospital showed that Yates would be willing to kill anyone, even his own father, if it meant not getting caught. Dex isn't and has never been like that, though after Deb trying to kill them both, I can see how angry he is about that, as showed in the preview.


Then stop watching, easy as that. The last 2 seasons have been fantastic, its a bit different then it was but fantastic none the less.


Too many things in this episode were a stretch to believe. Yates completely cleans out his house and goes on the run, but leaves is laptop??? With all his research and no password protection, now Dexter can conveniently browse through all his files. Give me a break. And Dexter thought he could walk up to Yates in the nursing home and say, "Hey, glad you came. Now let me stick a needle in your neck" and then casually drag Yate's body out the front door to his car? And when Deb veers the car into the lake they both go unconscious? Seriously?!?


This show is tired. I try, but it gets harder and harder to watch each season, each episode. This season started out promising after the pain of Seasons 5 and 7, but if the best hook they have is pushing another show, Ray Donovan, you know it's time to hang it up! They should have wrapped it up neatly as first announced 3 season ago, but ... let's stick with the present, shall we?

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