Graceland Review: Every Cowboy for Himself

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After a week on hiatus, Graceland returned with another gripping hour via "O-Mouth."

After an ending like that, I'm sure there wasn't an Agent watching at home whose jaw didn't dropped to the floor. I can't believe they cliff-hanged us like that. Is it next Thursday yet?!?

Staying Deep Undercover

Then again, perhaps that's actually the good news. We won't have to wait long to see what happened with Charlie and whether or not she manages to make her way out of the situation while still moving forward in her case.

Props to the writers for starting out strong, with Briggs and Charlie resuming old undercover identities. Especially ones with whom harboring a torrid love affair was apparently a reality back in the day. I was waiting to find out who in the house had hooked up with whom in the past, but I don't know if I had pegged Charlie and Briggs as a thing over Briggs and Paige. Perhaps I'm not wrong though.

What I did appreciate, or find rather interesting, was their decision not to hook up in the hotel room, but instead to prank Johnny into believing they had in favor of Paige winning the bet. That was pretty great teamwork on their part.

Another great bit of teamwork? Johnny, Paige and Mike on the beach during their early morning football scrimmage. Who wouldn't want to start their morning throwing around the pigskin on the sand?

But Mike was also getting some quality time with Bello, the man he's supposed to be getting close to for his case. Who knew a gang banger would be into westerns? I did like that he made the association between cowboys fighting now for their government or resources, but for themselves. That's the classic core of the American psyche. 

Clearly Mike played the cowboy when he decked that sales associate, and the move got him a spot as Bello's new bodyguard. We can only wait to see how that situation plays out moving forward.

Another situation that only time will resolve is between Mike and Briggs. Mike may have been presented with evidence that heroine goes missing after every major bust, but why does he think that it's Briggs? Couldn't it have very easily been someone else jacking part of the score?

Better yet, Mike wasn't off when he told his handler that there were few things Briggs wouldn't do to protect the house, everyone in it and the cases they work. Perhaps this missing heroine plays into that somehow. If it saved the house and his people, I'm sure it was a risk he was willing to take. 

Charlie could definitely relate with Briggs position on something like risk. After all, she did shoot up in the final seconds of the episode to save their buy. I think it's clear she was emotionally compromised by the death of her CI. Hopefully this will get her an in and not in some serious trouble.

What are you predictions for next week, Agents?


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OMG this show sucks. Why are there no good shows on in summer? There's nothing on TV worth watching.


I wonder what's up with the user ratings on this site - it's much much lower than every other existing polls for this show. IMDB, iTunes, SpoilerTV, Google Play, Amazon, AV Club, you name it. Does this site have an entirely different demo group of visitors?


If Charlie becomes an addict for real, I'm out.


loved the episode. I loved how Paige and Johnny made a bet to see if Briggs and Charlie would hook up or not and then when Briggs found out and that Johnny was betting against them they pretended to hook up so he would loose. I also liked the part with Paige, Mike, and Johnny playing football on the beach it was a nice fun moment and not all serious and action. I can't wait till the next episode I really want to find out what's going to happen with Charlie.


As much as I like this show, this particular ep was a snoozer, most likely because there was no "caper of the week" to latch on to. The elements of this ep appear to be a setup for punchlines that will come in future eps. As for the cliffhanger in this ep, I'm pretty sure there'll be some kinda twist--like the one where Briggs pointed a gun at Mike. Meanwhile, where's that other guy--the dude investigating the illegal bird ring who found ammo instead?

Sarah silva

This show is fantastic! I hope it gets renewed!
I new Whistler was going to die even before he entered the bathroom to call Charlie. Charlie felt a ton of guilt, I am sure this is not the first time a case has gone bad but she cared for Whistler. I really hope that by shooting herself up once that she does not go down a bad path.
I too liked when Charlie and Briggs pretended to sleep together so Paige could win the bet!
I would love an early morning game of football with Mike and Johnny!
Looking forward to next week.

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I am a glorified camp counselor. I am teaching gang bangers how to shoot straight.


This just got way weird.