Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 364

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Welcome to the 364th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready to flex your creative muscle again?

Follow the link to find out who won the last edition of TV Fanatic's Friday tradition, then test your skills with a picture from a recent episode of the ABC medical drama we know and love.

Just click "Comments" and leave your caption(s) from this picture below. Leave as many as you like, funny or serious. We will select the winner around this time next week. You know the drill.

Best of luck to all, and thanks for playing - for 364 weeks and counting!


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Callie: "Sheppard, Yang, come quick it's Avery's mother and Chief Webber. You have got to see this."


Yang: Please tell me there's not a flood or a maniac shooter through those doors.


Jackson: What's everybody staring at?
Yang: You don't wanna know!
Derek: Poor Callie!
Callie: Grey's cervix is being examined by Bailey. I will never get this image out of my head!


That awkward moment before you're going to give someone really bad news.


Callie: Guys you do not wanna go in there. Booty call Bailey is at it again!!


Callie: "Man this syph line is taking forever!"
Derek: "Since Meredith and I always use glow in the dark protection I guess I don't need to get tested."
Christina: (thoughts) "I never did get tested when I was with Burke so I might as well get in line again".


Derek: "Don't tell me it's happening AGAIN---"
Callie: "Yep, April and her man are trying number 7 again!"


Sara: "Umm guys. Why is Umbrella Corporation at our hospital?"


Patrick: "You think we might end up in Narnia if we go through this door?"


Callie: Bailey's turning over the month on the calender. Yes! Time to get back filming Grey's Anatomy S10!

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Great, lets get started.


[last lines] "I love you too."