Grimm Season 3: Who's Getting Married?

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Listen closely, Grimm fans. Can you hear them? Wedding bells.

They will be tolling on Season 3 of this NBC drama... but for whom?

As confirmed by TV Guide Magazine, Monroe will exchange vows with Rosalee when Grimm returns in the fall, through producer David Greenwalt warns that problems will arise between the couples. Thanks to some meddling parents.

Monroe and Rosalee on Grimm

"When you marry someone, you marry their family," says Greenwalt. "Monroe's mother and father are old-school Blutbads - they may still even hunt, for all we know - and they think Fuchsbau like Rosalee are for eating, not for settling down with."

That does seem like it would be an issue.

Elsewhere, look for Nick to feel the effects of what went down on the Grimm Season 2 finale, when he was booked for a trip to Europe inside a coffin.

"If Nick does survive this zombie state, he's going to be very dangerous," teases executive producer Jim Kouf. "There will be residual effects that will change him in a huge way."

Grimm returns with new episodes on Friday, October 25.

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So we'll get to meet Monroe's parents this season? I'm really looking forward to him telling his parents that his best friend's a Grimm.


I just read an interview where Sasha is talking about season three. He is going to have baby drama with Adalind and his family will be fighting over the baby and there will still be stuff going on between him and Juliette. If they keep this stupid story going with Juliette I will stop watching the show. I hated that storyline and I think a lot of fans said they did not like it and they are still tring to keep it going. Stop it already! TV guide as already did one story about saving budgets on tv shows so Juliette from Grimm can go and now they did a story about the unsexist sex scenes on tv and they had Juliette and Renard that stupid fight scene in her house. Stop it writers stip it or I will stop watching this show!


Where is the clip from comic con about season 3????????? Does anyone know where to find it?


Ditto on the drawn out plot... wayyyyy too long and became rather boring ! However I Love the show and all the characters, vessen and human alike !!! :)
Keep up the good work !


I agree don't drag the show down in season three with storylines that take to long to resolve. The storyline with Juliette was too long and too boring. This should be great with Monroe and Rosealee I looking forward to this. I just love them together. Better writing in season three please writers! Don't kill this show like they did Heroes and others with poor writing! Bring back Momma Grimm! Also more Eric and Renard.


Great spoilers! Hopefully those "residual" effects on Nick won't take ALL SEASON to resolve like Juliette's amnesia...

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