Lisa Edelstein to Investigate Castle Season 6

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The former doctor is in.

TV Line confirms that Lisa Edelstein - best known for her long-time role on House before stopping by The Good Wife and Scandal last year - will appear on multiple upcoming episodes of Castle.

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Look for the popular actress to star as Rachel McCord, a federal investigator who plays a key role in Kate Beckett's pending decision: Will she take a new in D.C. or stay with her wanna be fiance in New York?

Considering Edelstein is booked for more than one appearance, and assuming she is based out of Washington, does this move signal where Beckett will end up on Castle season 6? Stay tuned.

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i wud luv to c them part for a while you know spice things up a bit change is always good n i hope to c more castle seasons more n more


AWM is digging his own grave with all these complications. He is abandoning the formula that has worked in the past. Like all successful series of the past when the writers start to invent situations the series fails and that is what I see ahead for Castle. Beckett and Castle together in New York solving crimes, that is what has worked and that is what AWM should stick with. According to articles I have read, Castle and Beckett are not going to be spending a lot of time together this season and what FANDOM wants is CASKETT. Get smart AWM and get back to what works or Season 6 will be the end.


Here's a possibile story arc: Beckett stiffs Castle on the ring thing; Beckett goes to Washington; Espo and Lanie get back together; Castle shines on the Federal agent, and rightfully so because she's a power freak, which is Kryptonite to Castle; Castle, in his loneliness, gets comfort from a friendship w/ the computer expert from "Watershed" who surprises him by being as big a games/ roleplaying addict as he is*; Beckett gets her revenge on Senator what's-his-name and decides she has no real visceral/emotional reason to stay in D.C.and comes back to New York in time to attend Castle's wedding to the computer lady. End of Season 6 and probably the show, but hell, is it anymore absurd than Kate suddenly longing to be where there is more action than she has in New York?
* These qualities would help him cope with severing ties with both Kate AND Alexis.


Ugh. I can't stand this talentless "celebutante" (she was the WORST part of "House") and I wish she wasn't going to be spoiling episodes of one of my favorite shows.


If Beckett want to go the DC let her go. Write her off the show and get Castle someone that will appreciate what she has. I hate women for are always looking for greener pastures, they are never satisfied with anything. Marlowe you had a good show but you are making it more complicated that you need to. You are going to start losing viewers and then you will get cancelled. Don't you want a season 7. You are on the path to a short end.


I am not at all interested in the backstories of any other character on this show. Castle and Beckett, that's all. Season 6 should have more romance, biting and witty repartee between them as we had in previous years, but now they are a couple which can only enhance the dialogue. It's the formula that made this show. As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." All this talk about evolving - well, they can evolve as a couple solving crimes in New York, but without the angst and the drama for drama's sake. It seems that Marlowe thinks that a loving couple is boring. Perhaps the return of Terri Miller back to the show will get him and everyone else back on track.


Let them split the show. Stana in D.C one episode and Castle in NY in one. Let's see who watches D.C. episodes. I wonder if it would be fun to watch a relation where 2 people can barely see each other.


I expect less and less from season 6 with every passing month. Maybe this is a good thing.


My issue is over this add-on investigator. This implies that the Kate job scenario extends past the first episode. Marlowe had said that the finale would be a watershed moment for the characters. It means, a moment of decision so critical and defining in ones life that it alters the course of ones life FOREVER. It is irrevocable. I’m at a loss then how you can have such a moment of decision in your life and then take it back given that the show location stays in NYC. The longer Beckett stays out of the 12th, the more of certain lost viewership. IMO. If Beckett goes to DC, it would never work as a long distance relationship. The whole job storyline makes no sense for them at this point in the relationship.


I hope she goes to DC and we never hear from her again. I am sick of this BIMBO always looking for a greener pasture. Castle is the best thing that ever happened to her and she just can't see it. AM you are a moron for even tempting her with this. You know she is going to end up in the sack with another ruggedly handsome FBI agent. Probably Sorenson will make another appearance. Hopefully AM will find Castle a love that will appreciate what she has, Beckett certainly doesn't. Bye Bye Kate. Hope you enjoy your bad choice and don't come running back to Castle. If you do I hope he slams the door in your face.

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