Lisa Edelstein to Investigate Castle Season 6

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The former doctor is in.

TV Line confirms that Lisa Edelstein - best known for her long-time role on House before stopping by The Good Wife and Scandal last year - will appear on multiple upcoming episodes of Castle.

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Look for the popular actress to star as Rachel McCord, a federal investigator who plays a key role in Kate Beckett's pending decision: Will she take a new in D.C. or stay with her wanna be fiance in New York?

Considering Edelstein is booked for more than one appearance, and assuming she is based out of Washington, does this move signal where Beckett will end up on Castle season 6? Stay tuned.

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I'm not crazy about her as an actress can't see how their going to fit her into the cast when the rest of the supporting cast doesn't get much time in stories now .I hope Beckett doesn't stay in DC for long at most 3 episodes and she's back at NYPD after all that's what the show is suppose to be about Castle helping NYPD solve murders .IT works for me I only want her to say yes to Castle's proposal and they get back to there normal routines after they work out their problems .Hope season 6 turns out to be a good one?


Five seasons of flaunting his wealth and suddenly Big Rick can't afford to make the move to DC to support the woman he loves? Either way, nice addition to an already impressive Washington cast. It might be a nice way to bring back any number of guests who've had DC-ties (Adrian Pasdar, Jack Coleman, Dana Delaney, Carlos Bernard, Kyle Secor) to fill in any of the potential NYC gaps.


Strange - I thought the programme was called "Castle" - now it seems to be all Becket.


I like her she was awsome too bad her talent was wasted on House( a other show killed by the shippers)


If Beckett ends up in Washington, it wont be for long. Something will happen to Castle in NY that will bring her back.(The triple killer)


I seriously cheered when reading the headline she is one of my favorite actresses such KICK ASS! I am so happy now!

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