Rookie Blue Review: Worth the Risk?

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There were a lot of risk takers in tonight's Rookie Blue - but who would be rewarded with a happy ending and who was swallowing a "Poison Pill" was something we will probably have to wait until season's end to find out.

Rookie Blue Outbreak

Gail was making herself absolutely crazy. Now that Chloe opened her eyes to Nick's possible feelings for Andy, every look, every touch, every laugh between the two friends was magnified. Was she making too much of it or finally seeing the signs?

I'm afraid it will end up being a bit of both. Nick obviously cares for Andy and the two got very close while working undercover. But will Gail's worries become a self-fulfilling prophecy because her craziness is destined to push Nick away?

Of course the nail in their relationship coffin was Gail's conversation with Blackstone. Finding out that Nick could have come home during those six months but chose to stay away hurt her in a way that no other words could. 

If Gail was going to end things with Nick, I only wish she had faced it head on. Picking up Blackstone in the bar made me cringe.

I found it amusing that Dov and Gail always seemed to gravitate towards one another during their relationship troubles. They've always had a unique friendship. I wish we got to see more of it.

Dov once again couldn't figure out what he wanted from Chloe. First he asked her out, then he worried she's bi-polar and bailed on her. Chloe had every right to be angry. We'll have to wait and see if Dov makes amends and tries again. 

I had to admit that the more I learned about Marlo, the more I liked her. She kept her cool about the Anthrax and although it annoyed the heck out of Andy, I found it an admirable trait in a cop. I also appreciated her conversation with Andy in this Rookie Blue quote

Marlo: You know what I hate most in the world.
Andy: Kittens? Laughter?
Marlo: Two girls standing in a room shouting about a guy who's not even there. | permalink

I had to agree. It was kind of pathetic and with the way Sam's been acting this season I can't say he's worth all the drama.

The shock of the episode was finding out that Marlo was bi-polar. No wonder she preferred to keep her emotional distance from everyone, even Sam. She's been hiding a huge secret.

Although Marlo kept insisting she was handling it, hiding it was a huge risk to her career and the people around her.  Bi-polar disorder is a treatable mental illness but keeping that secret from the people who care about her, such as Sam will eventually do more harm than good.

I'd guess that this bombshell will explode towards the end of the season and Andy's knowledge of Marlo's condition will come to light one way or another. What type of trouble that will mean for her, Marlo and Sam is anyone's guess.

The anthrax laced heroin was a great story. When Dov mentioned that the husband was a veterinarian, I knew that was going to play into the mystery somehow. I just never expected that he'd laced the drugs himself to get rid of his wife's ex-lover. 

As soon as Chris asked Shaw if he could drive, I guessed that it was his final shift. And the way Chris handled Cedric the junkie had me missing the big guy before he'd even left.

So it looks like Chris is gone from 15 Division but Luke returns. If you had your choice, which would you choose to stick around long term?


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I like this episode, the vet spiking the heroin to get his wife away from her ex. I did not like Andy and Marlo pairing, she should of told to tell Frank or she will. Poor Gail, she deserves better than Nick
Where Noelle she needs to come back


Great episode for our girl Andy!! If Sam thinks she's complicated (quality he possesses in high doses), wait for him to know the personality of his new girlfriend (who in dialogue with Andy seems to disregard it "one guy that does not exist" .. .?). I hope Sam has detected that Andy was not aware of your greeting or help,-with all its pain-has begun to be indifferent. Well Andy! Make him suffer like he is doing with you.


Marlo was actually likeable in this episode. The way she handled things was levelheaded and the way a good cop should.


I actually dont mind marlo all that much. I like that her and andy connected. Suprised me that it wasnt chloe thats bipolar though. I felt bad for gail. Knowing nick didnt choose to come home really hurt her, hurt me for her. Wish she wouldnt have gone home with whats his name though. Cant wait for next week.


I think the interest in this eps. is having exposed the large differences between A and M. While A is honest, dignified and honorable, Marlo shown as cold, manipulative, nasty and selfish. I hope Sam discover that mask of his gf and assess the actions of Andy. It will explode in your face bad decision and choice and check again that Andy is not only the love of his life, but has had the honor of covering a secret so serious despite their feelings. Indeed, except for the hair color Marlo Andy and do not look at anything!


I would pick Chris ( I could be wrong but I think we haven't seen the last of Chris). I still don't get Marlo and Chloe. They both annoy me, Chloe for being too peppy and Marlo of being too deadpan. Marlo and Sam relationship is so mechanical and even with their PDA there are no sparks. Nick and Andy however have sparks and even though I would prefer Andy not to hook up with anyone (she needs time to figure out who she is), I like the Andy/Nick coupling. Gail needs to be with someone she cannot walk all over. Boyd would have been a nice boyfriend for Gail. This episode was just blah for me.


No offense to Chris's character, but I'd choose Luke. I would however choose Chris over Nick. So basically I would like them to go back to the original characters. and maybe keep Chloe. But God I miss Noelle!


I think Gail should end things with Nick.


nick and Andy would be a great plot line until her and sam
inevitably get back together...they can't stick them together right away because they are the end game


i would choose Luke and i hope they get Andy and Luke back together

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Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Nick: Well if my goal this morning was to gross you out and then disfigure you...
Gail: You are doing so good.

Dov: You know that guys a fireman, right?
Chloe: So?
Dov: You're in a room full of cops and you're talking to a guy who basically operates a hose for a living.