Royal Pains Review: Off Key?

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After all that transpired last week on Royal Pains, I got a little bit of reorientation-induced "Vertigo." 

The show continues to struggle to find its stride, starting off strong, but slowly veering from the path it forged for itself in the Season 5 premiere.

Here's the first thing I found disorienting: the complete lack of Jeremiah in this episode. After all the emphasis placed on his return and his desire to be with Divya, his absence was as deafening as the orchestral music that drove Santi crazy.

Enjoying Their Summer

Which lends itself well to my discomfort with the lack of discussion of anything regarding Divya's pregnancy. That storyline alone presented the most emotional and dynamic of plots so far this season... and yet this installment was completely void of any mention of it.

We did get to see Divya treat a patient, as per usual; apparently a conductor with a real ear for music, no pun intended. I appreciated the new diagnoses, which involved a fractured bone in the ear that caused sound distortions as well as vertigo in Santi. Definitely a new one for me.

I'm learning to forgive the fact that anything the writers start regarding Boris and any revelations pertaining to his bloodline pop up and disappear until season finale time. But the fact it was brought up and dropped last week with no followup this time around is making it even more difficult for me to understand what purpose he serves on this show anymore, except as a reminder of who HankMed's patron is.

Granted, the repercussions from Hank's brain injury are a direct result of Boris' issues, of which there are a plethora. But I think the writers can proceed in the present manner of Hank simply dealing with it as he sees fit, like he did this evening admitting to one of his patients that recovery is not easy.

That said, it was probably revisiting patients from earlier in what has only been a short season so far. I wasn't a super fan of Molly, but her father was an interesting individual worth revisiting. I like that he and Hank bonded a bit over the difficulties associated with diagnoses and recovery.

Another thing we can be grateful for was the assertive decision to continue playing Evan's pursuit of a seat on Village Council in front of the camera as opposed to exclusively in the weekly webisodes the show is releasing online. I was almost afraid it was a way to do away with having to deal with it on a weekly basis. 

While this season of Royal Pains seemed to be playing all the right notes earlier on in the season, it seems they've managed to find themselves off key and could use some tuning moving forward. 

How are you feeling about the season so far, Hamptonites?


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Wow so you don't like the Canadian actor David Alpy for being rude to you in real life, that has nothing to do with his acting ability. This episode was meh or so so if the show wants to be comedy then be a comedy but stop trying to add espionage and intrigue as a medically thriller, IE Boris storyline even though it was the one storyline that Hank was not able to save someone Ala Md Mac-giver. Having Dimitri die couple of episodes back was nice touch. I agree the molly storyline is a poor substitute for Tucker.


I agree w/the editor.I got tired of dropped storylines.I haven't watched at all this year


this season is painful for me so far. i came on board a little late and i was actually a bit glad to hear that boris has died (just in the sense that the hard-to-believe storyline was finally over)but then he pops back up, as always. and i'm not liking the storyline with the cop and molly. i feel like they are trying to force in a young person to replace tucker and libby from earlier seasons, but it's not working. it just seems like a random, disjointed season, without the charm of previous seasons.


Divya did allude to her preganancy briefly when she wandered if her child would be musical, but pregancies go for a long time, and she is a very work focused person, not every single episode is going to be her constantly thinking about her pregnancy, it's there, she continues her day to day life - BooM!
Boris didn't need to be in the story this episode, as he is not always relevant either... Hank also continues his day to day life in between the Boris dramatics! I personally love the Boris dramatics, it gives us a fun little conspiracy to take us out of the Hamptons occasionally! I think the new cases, and the new personalities on the show are awesome, I don't feel the show has any trouble finding its feet. :)


I don't think Jermeiah needs to be in every episode... he is a supporting charcater like Boris NOT a main character. Their stories recur through the show... they aren't the BASIS of the show. The basis of the show is Hank-med's operations in the Hamptons, and a big part of that is watching Hank, Evan, Paige & Divya interact with a whole cross-section of people, from the aristocratic Blythe's to the highly talented composers to the average working class man like the police man. I think tonight's episode brought it back to that and I loved it!! Paige's new boss didn't have a migraine - that was the point! He was just trying to avoid the emotional scene with a Patron who truly loved her painting! I thought the end scene with Molly and Hank was actually very moving... Who hasnt had that troubled teen angst with their parents, where they love and resent them at the same time!


This episode wasn't bad but I agree about the lack of Divya's pregnancy and Jeremiah in the storyline. They are welcome additions. Now for the guest star... I HATE DAVID ALPAY! He was the stupid conductor. He's a rude and egotistical actor and I really don't like watching him on any show. Met him 3 times and he was AWFUL every time. (He likes the sound of his own voice, interrupts conversations with NO apologies, and generally is rude to whoever he thinks he can be. And he'll forget he was nasty and then hit on you when he sees you next. (Did that to my gorgeous bestie) YUCK.)


OK, last observation and then I'll (do my best to) shut up... Did anyone notice how the conductor (Santi) bears more than a passing resemblance to Rafa? Makes me wonder if this'll be part of a story arc for Divya.


zagsffan, I think the disjointed nature is because they keep throwing more and more secondary characters at us as a smokescreen. 1. The cop and his brat of a daughter now seem to be story arc of their own.
2. That Shelby character who wants to buy HankMed wasn't on this week, though she may appear next week.
3. Blythe Ballard made an appearance this week, but I don't believe she was on last week.
4. Paige's internship created a new arc with a new character (her boss).
5. As you alluded to, Boris and Milosz didn't appear in this ep and we saw Marisa last week after several episodes (the show's hiatus notwithstanding) of not seeing her.


I wondered throughout when we were going to see Jeremiah and was disappointed we didn't. Especially if it looks like Divya might be interested in yet again another exotic mercurial creature. I agree that some of these episodes seem disjointed. I've always had that same criticism about the Boris storyline. They had the episode where Hank figured out Boris was being poisoned through his swimming pool and that was it for months. No discussion or even mention among the HankMed crew. By the time they pick the Boris story up again, I've forgotten most of what had happened the last time. It looks like Divya's pregnancy comes up next week. But there just doesn't seem to be any flow to the season.


P.S. Was glad to see the writers work,in some classical music and art. Makes things less vapid ( despite the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Contrasting Cardigan *aaaaaaaaack* *gaaaaaaaaaaaag*)

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