Royal Pains Review: Raised and Glazed

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After watching tonight's episode of Royal Pains, I couldn't help but notice some of the issues raised and glazed over during "Pregnant Paws."

From Paige's new internship to the inclusion of two sets of patients, join me as I dissect this latest installment in just such a manner...

Jeremiah & Evan

Raised: Paige suddenly getting an internship.

Glazed: Why the writers felt a need to add an additional character to an already large cast.

Raised: Hank and Evan holding out on Shelby Shackleford's offer to join the Symphony health network. 

Glazed: The need to bring back Paul, who dropped off the face of the planet during Royal Pains Season 4. Divya has enough men to navigate as a potential love interest. Why bring back another doctor to potentially compete for her affections?

Raised: Evan being extremely upset that Divya confided the pregnancy news in Jeremiah before she shared it with Evan, and why Hank seemingly felt so strongly about making sure Divya and her new baby felt safe.

Glazed: Why the comfort and safety of Divya and the baby seemed so deeply important to Hank.

Raised: The shock jock, G, being poisoned by his own partner, Kiki.

Glazed: Why she wasn't charged with a crime for defiling the poor man's tea.

Raised: Marissa finally reappearing after her sudden departure and the death of Boris' cousin.

Glazed: Where she magically disappeared to and why we should still care about Boris' super-secret life after five seasons of learning practically nothing new about the wealthy patron.

Raised: Evan announcing his candidacy for Village Council to the group.

Glazed: Anything else to do with his campaign, including an explanation to the group of why he chose to run.

Raised: Jeremiah revealing to Evan that he loves Divya.

Glazed: Evan having any reaction to it except the acceptance that Divya shared her pregnancy new with him first.

With all these pieces in play it is easy to see who important plots and characters can potentially get lost in the shuffle. The best we can hope is that all these open options won't eventually lead more questions than actual answers. What do you think fellow Hamptonites? 


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Van Dyke wasn't brought in for Divya, he was brought in because Hank and Evan know that he could be a serious contender for the Concierge business that Shelby wants to make.
Even if Van Dyke wants to get involved with Divya , there is the bun that is in her oven that could stop that from happening. Also Jeremiah clearly has his eyes set on Divya and will hopefully get over his fears and anxieties and ask her out. Hank is emotional and wants Divya to be safe because he has seen so much bad befall all of them in the last few years and with everything Divya has gone through it wouldn't be fair for something more to happen. I know not all of this was made clear, but in a show that has limited episodes per season they have to move over and glaze some stuff. It should all come together soon I hope. And I hope they get a full season order this time.


Next with Paige: Paige can't be just there in the background while Evan and Hank monkey around, She needs a story too. This is why the internship was brought up. I think it was also done because you could see that she was not happy with Evan wanting to run for village council. She is tired of the political life and just wants something normal. She probably decided to get busy so that Evan cant ask her to help.
Evan and Divya have become good friends but obviously Evan who is so naive in so many ways doesn't realize that Divya and Him can't be such good friends. He feels threatened by Jeremiah so he doesn't understand what Jeremiah told him.


I agree that there was too much going on in this episode but it was things that needed to be said and done.
Firstly with the DJ thing, even if were criminal charges were to be laid against her, Danny's character could easily just say there was no harm and refuse to testify in the case. It wasn't worth it.
Marissa is there to help Hank and Boris get Milosh for what he did. Marissa is the scientist - She can create the fake clinical trail to get Milosh in the states, that is probably what she went to do.


Divya to Evan: "You want to put your foot in your mouth stylishly?"
Divya's toast to her friends/coworkers Disliked:
Girl Prankster DJ: I'm with the reviewer on this one--poisoning someone isn't a prank you pull on your best friend. The re-emergence of Van Dyke and Marisa and a new "employer" for Paige. How many characters are you gonna squeeze into one show? Shouldn't the gang also have toasted Paige on her internship? I kinda felt bad for Paige, her success having been upstaged by Divya's pregnancy. And probably the point I disliked most: Divya's pregnant. Hank's and Evan's wounded psyches shouldn't have been added to the mix. Say "Congratulations Divya. I can see about referring you to a good OB/GYN if you like.", and MOVE ON!!!!!!!!


I can't help but feel all of the twists & turns are about keeping an audience fan base and the writers are losing me. Divya's behavior is so, so out of character and unbelievable.
Evan should be worried about being close to HIS wife and not Divya. Hank is just as clueless as Evan about meeting Divya's needs. Funniest moment when both of them were shocked that Jeremiah knew what Divya wanted - Space.
Boris storyline no longer interesting for me as of about at least 2 seasons ago.
I am curious what the outcome will be for Hank Med and Symphony Network.


Grimm i was waiting for the loss of memory.
Divya I guess her health scare is over. I kept waiting for her to mention that. I knew the baby daddy would not be too involved he was not there for his other kid. True there already too many men for her. She should be with Jeramiah.
Say yes to the hospital and get a good lawyer.

Philly ace

A scratch from a cat did all this? Did anyone else pick-up the Grimm shout-out from Claire Coffee.


I loved the reaction of "the team". This show comfirmed that they are family and in it for the long term....that's why I love this show. I think maybe you're taking the show too seriously?

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