Stana Katic to Kate Beckett: Don't Be a Loser!

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When it comes to Castle Season 6, TV Fanatic readers have made their opinions clear:

Over 57% of poll respondents believe Kate ought to accept Rick's proposal.

But does that mean the detective should turn down the job offer in D.C.? Star Stana Katic sure hopes not.

Beckett in Major Danger

"If she drops the FBI gig, she's a loser," Katic tells TV Guide Magazine. "This is a modern woman's story, and I don't want to send the message that a woman has to choose love over a career. New York and D.C. are not that far apart, and Rick's a millionaire. They can travel. I think it would really be a big disservice to the character to create a job opportunity like this and let it peter out."

So how might the show be set up with Beckett in D.C. and Castle in New York? So glad you asked! Katic has the answer.

"Bring the 3XK killer back, which requires Kate to put together her own team. Sometimes we're all together in New York and sometimes we're telling different stories apart. Kate can have it all!"

Are you listening, Creator Andrew Marlowe? We'll find out when Castle returns in September.

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@Katarzyna Hey, I'm not the one who called her character a 'loser' if she tuned down the job. I'm also not he one who suggested that Beckett would go to DC, with or without Castle. I do say that Katic showed a total inconsideration for many of her fans, with such an asinine comment, and the last three episodes of S-5 just showed Beckett's true side. Why don't you show me where Beckett wasn't a lying, cheating selfish person in those episodes. You might want to start with Beckett's lies about Vaughn kissing her. Beckett lied to Castle several times about Vaughn before telling him she wasn't going to lie to him. Wow, what a model for virtue.


As nice as it would be for Stana's "ideas", it just wouldn't work with the whole premise of the show! What about the rest of the characters and the NYPD, etc.? To me the whole premise of the show isn't just the two main characters so you have to think of everything. You put Beckett in DC and there goes the SHOW "Castle". I wouldn't like it at all if I couldn't see Ryan and Espo and Lainie and Gates, etc. The supporting characters are part of what make the show work so well.


I love Beckett and mainly watch the show because of her, and I really like Stana too, and usually agree with her about caskeetts direction, but here I have to disagree putting your heart first doesn't make you a looser. I know tv is not real life and I love that you get to suspend reality for a bit and just enjoy a good story but I think they would be asking a lot of viewers to get us to believe that if Beckett left the force that castle would be allowed to stay and shadow her replacement. Just saying. any way the writers usually do a good job of surprising us hope this contuines in season 6. I will be tuning in for sure.


Okay - I'm going to do my best to state what I think without sounding as annoyed as I am...but as a so-called "modern" woman myself, I must say that Stana's comments are a bit ridiculous. Kate choosing the job doesn't make her MORE of a modern woman, or a winner. Kate choosing to stay with Rick doesn't make her LESS of a modern woman, or a loser. The joy and greatness of being a modern woman is the privilege of CHOICE. "Modern women" have the right to choose whatever they want to do, whether it be love, career, both or neither. I hate her implication that not taking the job would make Kate less of a woman. That's an insult to every woman who has weighed her options and chosen love, family, dogs, cats, whatever - over a career. (sigh) I think I sounded annoyed anyway... Castle is not a "modern woman's story." It's a dramedy about a millionaire writer and the woman he's in love with. A little perspective is in order.


Dislike by whom? People who don't know exactly what show and what great LOVE STORY they're watching? If this is what you mean, then yes, I agree. Kate Beckett is the most interesting and beloved character on Castle for me personally. And I completely agree with Stana's comment. BTW, if you don't know, Kate Beckett and Rick Castle are actually alter egos to Andrew Marlowe himself and his wife Terri Edda. So do you really expect he's going to get rid of Kate Beckett from the show? Dream on...


Nothing required for a dislike of Katic/Beckett. Just an understanding of the last five years will show why Beckett is disliked, and a quick read of Stana's comments on the TV Guide site will show you why the 'actress' is just like her character.


The main problem that I and a lot of fans seem to have with these comments is that she is "a loser" if she doesn't take the job. Well that's just not true. There are many women who choose to be stay at home moms and put their love life before their career, and don't consider themselves losers. So for her to say this makes her seem a bit snobbish and uppity.


personally i think the DC job angle can hold very little amount of story to it. I think she turned the job down, not for love, but because the precinct holds so much more promise for her. Of course, staying in NYC with castle offers her the chance to start her own family, and she knows he is an excellent father, so any little castle babies they make will have 2 great parents.


Ouch tomea75, you must be a die hard browncoat if you hate Kate and Stana so much...


Hey, I'm all for that. Send the lying, cheating, selfish broad to DC, bring in an attractive detective for Castle to follow. On occasion we can check in to see how Katic is doing. Eventually she will understand that a struggling B movie actress shouldn't bite the hands that feed her(Castle fans). After all, Castle is the only work for which she is known, unless you count the sex and lesbian flicks, which most viewers don't.

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