Supernatural Spinoff: In the Works!

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The producers of Supernatural are working on a spinoff, it was revealed today at Comic-Con.

Executive producer Bob Singer said during the annual event in San Diego that a backdoor pilot is being developed for the 20th episode of Supernatural Season 9, which kicks off this fall.

Reportedly, the show will introduce a new character who will anchor the proposed spinoff.

Details are slim, but the new series will have "a more urban feel" than Supernatural.

Fighting the Nazis

It's a formula that the network has also used with The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

With existing cast members from TVD and some new faces, the CW successfully launched a "backdoor pilot" of The Originals during a late-season episode of The Vampire Diaries in April.

Supernatural, a staple of the network since 2005, returns Tuesday, October 15.

Follow the link for more details from the show's Comic-Con panel today.

The long-running CW hit Supernatural is reportedly working on a spinoff.

Today at Comic-Con, executive producer Bob Singer said that a backdoor pilot is being developed, though Warner Bros. and The CW have not confirmed this.

Reportedly, the show will introduce a new character at some point in Season 9 who would then anchor the city-set spinoff, should it move forward.

Supernatural Stars

It's a formula that the network is very familiar with at this point.

The CW will launch a Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals, having aired its "backdoor pilot" during an episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 this spring.

Supernatural, an underrated staple of the network's lineup starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles since 2005, kicks off its ninth season this fall.

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What the.? What is a spinoff? A surprise I'm all confused!!


I liked a couple of spin offs but i also didn't like some spin off. I love Supernatural but i dont think it work but we will see


While I am so not for a spinoff, I am not surprised. The Originals seems to be very popular, so a SN spinoff may not be far off if it is successful


No. No. No did I mention No?

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