Switched at Birth Review: I Will Never Forgive You!

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"He Did What He Wanted" was a fairly intense Switched episode, covering a lot of ground.

There was a nice big story arc for Emmett, so that should have made some of you very happy, and I definitely have some questions regarding what's going on with him. Regina and John had a come to Jesus moment and John tried to get there first... literally. Ty and Bay moved closer and Daphne learned something new about Jace.

Let's hit the ground running!

Bay & Regina

Let's talk about Bay. When she noticed something was a bit off with Ty, she asked Marybeth, only to learn they had spent the night previous cleaning out MB's brother's room of his belongings. Tough stuff. Bay so wants everyone to be happy, and her attempt at making things come together don't always work. After a night of miniature golf with her boss and Marybeth (in an unsuccessful attempt to fix them up), Marybeth lost her brother's dog tags. 

The biggest problem I had with that was dog tags are made to be practically indestructible. They're the one thing used to identify a soldier after all hell has broken loose and they are lying in bits or scattered in rubble. How did Marybeth lose them playing mini golf?!? I guess some things are not for me to know. The poor girl can't catch a break, but she has a wonderful friend in Ty.

Bay thought she was receiving mixed signals from Ty and finally asked him straight up if he was still into her. He practically broke into song with the lovely words he spoke to her. They kissed and unless things with her father turn her life upside down, it looks like they'll launch into a solid romance. 

While Bay and Daphne didn't continue their sisterly bonding from last week, they didn't lose any ground either. Daphne was shocked to learn she wasn't invited to Jace's 4th of July party until he told her he's a political blogger and was hot on a lead that John's boss was having an affair with one of his interns. This is the same boss that was also hitting on Kathryn like a complete pig. Daphne's immediate reaction was to be shocked that Jace was gossiping behind people's backs, but he reminded her how she couldn't invoke change at Carlton with a petition - he'd done his homework on her. They're going to make a pretty good match, as well.

Daphne and Emmett were hanging out together, not only at the party but at a restaurant with his father. During that meal, his father broke the news to Emmett that he was considering getting a cochlear implant. It was as if he told Emmett he was going to go into a deep freeze until a cure for deafness was discovered.

I'm never going to understand deaf people and the controversy of getting a cochlear implant to try to improve their ability to hear. I'm not deaf and, frankly, I hope I never will be. If I'm watching Switched at Birth and understanding the message, some people may think that means I'm a bad person and perhaps even bigoted. 

I don't have a lot to compare the situation to. I was assaulted and lost my front tooth and the one beside it. I didn't hesitate to have them replaced. One of them is currently falling back out due to shoddy dentistry, and I'm not thinking that leaving a hole in my smile will add to my life experience, although if I lived that way long enough, I'm sure there are many lessons I'd learn. 

The only thing I know for sure is the look on Emmett's dad's face when Emmett told him he didn't want him to have the implant was of indescribable disappointment. Not because of anything to do with his hearing, but because his son didn't trust him enough to make a life-altering decision about his own life for himself and on his own behalf. The change wasn't going to effect Emmett in any way but something, perhaps Melody's militant stance on the issue, made Emmett think he had some say in the issue.

I would really like to hear from the deaf, and your thoughts on the matter. I'd like to know if other communities feel the same. Do the blind turn away the chance to see if given the opportunity, does someone who lost a limb prefer to live without it? 

Regina was still working very hard to keep her job and she was also dealing with two very stubborn men in her life. Angelo was spending money to the point that it made Regina worry about his financial situation, and John, with everything going on around him - Bay living with Regina, Kathryn being hit on by his boss, Toby's upcoming wedding - finally hit the wall. He and Regina had an argument, which you can see in this Switched at Birth quote

Regina: You have always had it in for me. What is it, huh?
John: What is it? You hid my daughter from me for thirteen years! I will never forgive you for that. NEVER!
Regina: And the more that I know you, the more I know that I was right to keep it a secret. You would have taken both girls away from me.
John: You are damn right! | permalink

The anger and rage coming from them both made for a really powerful scene. They had barely had time to get over it when Regina saw John making food in his kitchen and decided to head back in and start the argument anew. But John had fallen to the floor and didn't seem to be breathing. 


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Also Regina is right. John and Kathrine would have tried to take both girls and left Regina in the cold. If they could take both girls now they would do it. Who cares about Regina and her feelings. Bay is Regina and Angeloe's daughter but John and Kathrine could care less. They are rich and they know it all. Katherine is better than John but they both can be know it all. John can surprise you from time to time but most of the time he can be a know it all jerk.


I am not deaf but I know some deaf and they don't feel like they need to be fixed. Also tv makes you think getting a cochlear implant will "fix" all deaf people and it doesn't. That is why I love this show because it gives you a window into the deaf community. Hearing people don't get it. Hearing people are always trying to fix the poor deaf person by making them hear and speak. It is sad to know that only about 10% of hearing parents of deaf children learn to sign. It you notice on this show only Katherine and Bay bothered to learn ASL for Daphne at first. Now Toby and John are finally coming around to learning it. As for Travis and the job he would do a better job than Toby. Toby only got the job because he is family. Travis would have been the better person for the job.


And made a valid point about Daphne benefited more because she's more oral. John is always insufferable to me. A jackass to the hilt, but I seen that ending coming a mile away because he was a timebomb the entire episode. It was interesting seeing him and regina have it out. To be fair he despised regina before he knew about what she did, and he only confirmed that she and many of us were right and he would have taken both girls. He was pretty much saying that from the beginning of the series. Ass. So I wonder if their relationship will change since she's the one that saved his life. Although part of me is wondering how they'll make his falling out her fault. Some of the soldier storyline isn't deep enough for my taste but like that bay and ty are closer. Angelo is the master networker but I hope all this doesn't backfire.


I'm not deaf but impression of this particular situation is that Emmett was raised to be proud of being deaf, by both parents. Almost to the point of considering anything else suggests that you are somehow not proud of who you are. So then he has his fickle father, if I'm being perfectly honest saying after 50 yrs of being deaf and fine, now he wants a CI most likely because his new gf has one. I think it's a combination of things for Emmett. Is his father not proud of who he is? Is he considering this just to impress a woman? Is he doing this for the right reasons? If he at 50 still struggles with his deaf identity than what does that say about Emmett in the future? On top of that his father gave his mother full custody which is like a rejection so Emmett is probably feeling as though his father is completely disassociating himself from emmett. Then Travis says he's considering it after what happen at the carwash which to emmett is another silly reason. But at least Travis is younger and makes a valid point about Daphne benefiting because she's more verbal.


I disagree,I like Bay and Ty, I liked her with Noah too, don t know why he just vanished. Anyone but Emmett is fine with me, that guy is the most boring character on the show, the actor isn t that great either.


the chef jeff situation was unethical at best... and i think illegal in the USA, seeing as Daphne is under 18. John is NOT her father, and has tried almost everything to keep Bay away from her bio parents. From the start of the series, John has never understood Bay, she's a teenager.


I hate Bay so much!!! She is an annoying disrespectful little bitch. John needs to slap her or somthing. She acts like John is not her father. It was so disrespectful to walk away from Him whell he was talking to her. Every since Ty has came back. Its been Ty Ty Ty for her. I wish they get ride of Ty he is so boring. He and Bay have no chemistry. Anglo is such a bom all he has nothing better to do but sit around at country clubs and look pretty. Why dosent he spend time getting to know his daughters??? I argree the John and Regina seen was intense Im glad they finally snaped at each other. I know John is gonna be okay. Daphne and the Britsh boy dont have any chemistry either. I hope they put her back with Chef Jeff.

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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Emmett: Suddenly being deaf isn't good enough for you?
Travis: Come on, Dude. That's so old school.

I can't believe you went to a deaf school. That is so you.