Teen Wolf Review: A True Alpha

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Scott finally learned the truth about himself in "Currents," we lost another member of the team and Derek discovered how Erica went out fighting. All in all, it was a very satisfying episode of Teen Wolf.

I thought after last week the sacrifices were over, but it really didn't matter, as it doesn't seem there are any dark druids in play at all. It has all been a ploy to get to Scott. We essentially knew Deucalion wanted Scott all along, so why all the dramatics? If he had done any homework on his prey at all, he would have known that the further he pushed Scott the more likely he would be to find out about himself. 

Somehow I don't think it was Duke's plan to know he is a true alpha. 

Wet Derek

Last Monday, Lydia was so full of good, working with everyone to save the day - and here she was a sex starved idiot again. I hope, after watching Boyd die at the hand of pedi-alpa and her minions Aidan and Ethan, she'll let Aidan go. How she could choose to have sex with him and casually laugh it off after what he is capable of doing is mind boggling.

I'm still disappointed that the Argents aren't communicating about working on the "mission" again. They're even both walking in and out of grandpa's door within seconds of each other. I was hoping, given the strong beginning where they seemed to be trusting in each other, that when they decided to get back into the business, they would do it together and support each other. Apparently not. 

The only good thing about that development is that Allison and Scott got stuck in a closet and he couldn't hold back his feelings for her. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. That was an adorable scene, and I just wish they had started making out right there and then. Sure, they had important issues to attend to... but that's important, too!

I really hated how pedi-alpha forced Derek to be the one responsible for Boyd's death by essentially impaling Boyd on Derek's claws. Boyd was sweet until the end, appreciative of the love and life that Derek had given him and he shared how Erica went out trying to kill Pedi. Oh, how I wish she had succeeded. When she does finally go, my wish is that someone chops off her toes with an ax. 

The fight scenes with Derek and Pedi were made all more disgusting by her many attempts to slash his face with her toes. Someone really needs to encase her feet in concrete.

For a quick second, I thought Stiles' dad was going to be in on the secret when he showed up and shot down Dr. Deaton. They had alluded to it earlier and he could have seen Scott trying to move the force field around Deaton. Oh well, some characters are just meant to be in the dark. I still love him. 

What we did get was an explanation for how Scott became an alpha. Not only do he and Deaton know it now, but they know why and they know Deucalion is in Beacon Hills for him. Let's end out the review with this worthy Teen Wolf quote exchange and wonder what's up next now that this news has finally come out.

Dr. Deaton: Your eyes, they were red, bright red.
Scott: How is that possible?
Dr. Deaton: It's rare, something that does't happen within a hundred years, but every once in a while a beta can become an alpha without having to steal or take their power. They call it a true alpha. It's one that rises purely on the strength of character, virtue, by sheer force of will.
Scott: You knew this would happen.
Dr. Deaton: I believed. From the moment I knew you were bitten, I believed. | permalink


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Sex starved? Might as well call her a nymphomaniac and be done with it. Good review spoiled by disturbing sl*t shaming. I have never heard sex starved used to describe male characters, even when they show poor judgement like Lydia. Disturbing choice of words.


Lydia can like sex all she wants. Just not with people who are hell bent on destroying her friends and her town. I'm pretty sure Stiles is available. And willing. Or probably any other guy in that high school. That she chooses the WORST possible candidates, willingly and knowingly, makes her an idiot.


Too bad about Erica. She was so hot! But good we learned her fate, more than just some hearsay.


Why can't Lydia be a genius and like sex at the same time....


(continued) eds checked into Deaton's clinic for a canine mani-pedi. Also, already saw the "I made you skewer your buddy with your own claws" bit in "Fright Night II". I liked most of the ep. Really, g


Scott...it is your {{{destiny...stiny...ny}}}. Sigh. Can't just be a werewolf, gotta be the "lord king savior of werewolves", g. It's a trope I can live without in my escapist horror lore. Another trope that's been done to death? The screaming, helpless girl routine. "They've taken my woman" is stale, especially on a show that takes some risks. Which brings me to how much I love the Danny/Ethan story. Didn't need to see Danny do the "Yuletide Yawn" early on, eww lol, but at least it got him and Ethan involved in the plot. Stiles...can do wrong. Same with Lydia. And I am so happy to see the Daddies Argent and Stilenski on screen. Scott's mom is all kinds of awesome and I like how Isaac is so at home there. Ok, Der Duke is dullsville. As far as villainy goes, he couldn't hold Uncle Peter or Grampy Argent's evil evil jockstrap, lol. I do not see the point of Derek's sister. Zzzzzzz. The actress is fine, the character is pointless. As far as Little Miss Barefoot in The Dark...she needs to check into Deaton's clinic for a canine mani-pedi. Also, already saw the "made you skewer your wolf-buddy on your own claws" bit in "Fright Night II". I liked most of this ep. Kinda.


I was hoping for a longer episode when i checked my dvr, but it was teen wolf revelation. still good and funny though. I think the sherriff saw something. Stiles dad could just talk scotts mom if he has trouble. I think ethan is into danny so he will be conflicted. Boyd so sad to see him go glad it was not issac. I wish we saw more of his story. I wish we saw the morning after with derek and teacher. Also I am alive. Now a days he could have just texted. I am still here. D. I called that true alpha thing. not looking forward to the flashback episode,but thinking back when they did it on supernatural it was cute.


I think anyone who is willingly sleeping around with someone who is helping to destroy your friends IS A IDIOT... There are other guys out there she can play with if she wants a causal fling but instead shes messing round with him? She better have a plan or be in love because that's the only way for anyone to think she's not being a sex-starved idiot...


Okay, I did not like you calling Lydia a sex-starved idiot. She's having a casual fling and she's secure in her sexuality and she doesn't need to be shamed, thank you very much.

Ronald simkins

This has been a good season so far. So Ethan still has it for Danny. I still think the twins will be the crux with the other alphas. I suspect that Mr. Slilinski ain't that clueless. Cute scene with Isaac and Scott with Scott's mom. The whole stuff with Stiles and Lydia seemed like wasted minutes. I love the spin on the "True Alpha". No clue where they are going with "Gramps".

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Ethan: I'm not going to hurt him.
Scott: Why should I believe you?
Ethan: Because we knew one of them would be important to you, and now we know it's Lydia.

I honestly thought I would never have to burden you like this, but you're my only hope. I'm going to be taken. I need you to find me.

Dr. Deaton