The Good Wife Bosses Tease "Quiet Before the Sh-t Storm," Barrage of Returning Guest Stars

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Don't be fooled by The Good Wife Season 5 premiere.

As teased in a clip at today's Television Critics Association press tour panel, Alicia and Cary will still be working at Lockhart/Gardner when this award-winning drama returns on September 29, but co-creator Robert King - who will direct the return episode - made it clear to reporters:

This will be the "quiet before the [You Know What] storm."

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While also joking about Anthony Wiener ("the gift that keeps on giving"), producers teased reporters with talk about the 100th episode of the series, which will be the 10th of Season 5, along with the following tidbits:

  • Carrie Preston, Gary Cole and America Ferrera will all reprise their roles from earlier seasons/episodes.
  • A "civil war" will break out quickly at the firm, while, Melissa George will cause some serious problems/tension with the new Governor's office. 
  • Julianna Margulies said her "heart sank" when she first read The Good Wife Season 4 finale script and thought Will would show up at her door. The actress isn't a fan of the show's "soap opera" aspects.
  • Margulies added that bring the Governor's wife will challenge Alicia's "moral compass."
  • Robert King took responsibility for the failed storyline with Kalinda and her ex, recognizing problems with it now that he failed to see then.
  • Overall, King said Season 5 will be “more about our team” and “not the guest stars coming in."

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Suppose I am in the minority here but I am an Alicia/Will fan. I don't want that relationship to completely end. Peter is a user and always will be. Why can't Alicia see this? I love this show but I do not like the way Peter keeps manipulating Alicia. She is much too intelligent to let this continue. Will loves Alicia and has shown her nothing but support in every way; even if it hurts him to do so. Peter and Alicia just don't fit. I do not like Peter! I have read that Alicia/Will is over. If that happens, this will be another show that bites the dust for me.


I love the fact that Julianna Margulies can say that she doesn't like the love triangle with Will/Alicia/Mr. Big. Sorry he will always be Mr. Big to me. She thinks Alicia should just be about her kids and her job and let the men go for awhile. I agree. I think it is nice that Robert King took responsibility for the failed storyline with Kalinda and her ex. That was a boring, stupid storyline. I am also tired of the everyone that meets Kalinda wants to sleep with her and she will be more than happy to sleep with you. I love the Alicia and Kerry law firm storyline.

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