The Mentalist Season 6: What We Hope to See

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September 29th feels like it's a long way off. Mostly because it is. And as much as we enjoy summer, the cool breezes of autumn and our favorite shows returning with new episodes weigh heavy on our minds.

So since we have to wait another 80-plus days for the season premiere of The Mentalist, we decided to make a list.

Read on, TV Fanatics, and see if our hopes and dreams for The Mentalist Season 6 match yours. Vote for what you'd most like to see happen come fall and don't forget to share your thoughts and add anything we've missed in the comments below.

Jane's Wild West

Our Mentalist Season 6 Wish List:

The Big Reveal. Yes, we finally want to know Red John's true identity. It's been five seasons. It's about time we know.

A Love Interest for Cho. One that doesn't involve a hooker, a junkie, or any other type of criminal. Someone worthy of the character we've grown to love.

More Rigsby and Van Pelt. It took a long time for these two to find their way back to one another. We're hoping to see this couple stay happy for a while.

Jisbon. That's the shipper name for Jane and Lisbon for those not in the know. A Jane / Lisbon pairing has been hinted at and teased for five seasons. It's included an I love you from Patrick that he later side stepped and many doe eyed looks for Teresa. It's about time these two had an honest conversation about how they feel for one another.

A Kiss. For those of us who don't care about the talking and want a little more action, a real kiss between this dynamic duo would make us cheer.

Casual Time. Wouldn't it be great to see the entire team spend a little more time outside the CBI?

Real Danger for Our Core Team. Show creator Bruno Heller promised that Red John will be targeting closer to home this season. We're hoping that means RJ will go after someone on Jane's immediate team. Not that we want to see Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, or Van Pelt die at the hands of the merciless serial killer…but having one of them in serious peril will have us glued to the screen.

YOUR turn: Pick the story you're most hoping for on The Mentalist Season 6...

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@Creamy, all this mess about women coming into Jane's life is the big tease for the Jane and Lisbon saga finale. Just another shot at yanking our chains! In real life those two would have been at each other already. :) I'll go alone with this mess for the sake of the storyline. BUT HELLER FOR THE LIFE OF ME, IF YOU DON'T LIGHT THOSE TWO UP..........!


@Rationalgal, that's what I say too! Post discussions. I would love to know what some of their influences were and how much they played into viewer opinions. I would like to know where all the clues were too! There were so many levels in this series. Mystery, drama, comedy, villains, story arcs. This was a lot of work for us, can you imagine what is was for them. I still want a movie for this show. It can be a stand alone. People would break the theater doors down to see it. I'd be standing there fogging up the theater doors glass clutching my ticket like a kid waiting to get into Disney Land! They should take advantage of this opportunity while the iron is still hot!


I hope this site will stay up for a while after TM ends. We need to vent our feelings, give our opinions, analyze every scene for meanings (actual or imagined) before we can let TM go to live on in our DVDs. I have found that if I don't watch a DVD for maybe a year, I can watch it again almost like it is new because I forget some details or see things I hadn't noticed before. TM is one show (maybe the only one) that is worth watching repeatedly. Knowing the outcome actually seems to enhance the experience because I understand better how the ending came about. I love this show!


As for how I got hooked on TM: I was watching TV and saw the promos for TM. That killer smile on Simon Baker was intriguing. Looked like it might be a fun show to watch. The pilot blew me away with the story telling, the depth, the creative writing, and the acting teamwork of Jane and Lisbon. Perfect casting! And Jane was such an off-beat, charming character. I loved the drama of his family's murder combined with his lost-puppy sadness and childlike playfulness and way with little children, his disdain for rules and unorthodox way of solving crimes and the overall sweetness and light and often-enough pain-in-the-ass behavior. It was all so different from other shows, none of which had near the quality of TM in any way. I then got Simon's other films and was impressed by how he created entirely different characters for each film. What a talented actor! I can't get enough of him. Such a joy to watch!


The new female character will probably be mysterious only in the teaser promos. We will most likely know why she is there pretty quickly. I suspect she will have something to do with Jane's carney past and he has to go back to that. And I can see a not-cheery end all around just because the RJ character has been portrayed as somewhat philosophical (tho mindlessly so) and a bit plaintive and pathetic. So I can see him getting killed but in a way that makes one feel regret and some sadness for such a misguided life - possibly triggered by abuse he was unable to deal with productively. He's not like Volker, a cardboard bad guy. Too much depth has been put into RJ's character and to the 2-sided coin of good and evil (William Blake poems; Nature TV shows Jane watches) for a standard shootout and walk into the sunset ending. The ending will reflect the same thoughtful depth the series has had.


Will she be a CBI agent, in Lisbon's team?seems so.Somebody has to replace Van Pelt.But why is she mysterious?


So it seems that Emily Swallow has been confirmed to play Kim Fischer a mysterious woman who will have an influence on Jane's life and has the chances to become a series regular, as it was released today.
Will her role be as a psychic?And in what possible way will she have an influence on Jane's life.No way, I can't see Lisbon jealous for almost another season!!!


Please excuse my errors!


Cont.- as I began to watch the show I did notice Simon Baker this time. What drew me to the show for the most part was his humor and childish behavior in a adult word. I love comedy and Simon has a very keen sense of it. What really intrigued me more was that he was able to fit into a drama. He dose it so well I'm surprised that he has not been recognized for it. The rest of then just fell into place, the more I watched the show the more I realized that this was a very intelligent actor. He is off the chart as far as his skills are concerned. After this I has Mentalist fever and wanted to know everything I could about The Mentalist guy Simon Baker. I own most of his movies and he is just a great actor to me. Now you know how I landed here on the tv fanatic page! The title speaks for itself!


Here's how I discovered Simon Baker. I had the tv on but I wasn't watching it. I was on the computer and as usual there was nothing on. Because I wasn't watching it, for the most part my tv stayed on the same channel. The Mentalist was in syndication already and the channel I had the tv on was playing reruns of the show. One day I just happened to pay attention to the show. I didn't even know who Simon Baker was and I had seen him in movies I had watched I'm the past but he was neither here or there with me at that point.

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