The Mentalist Season 6: What We Hope to See

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September 29th feels like it's a long way off. Mostly because it is. And as much as we enjoy summer, the cool breezes of autumn and our favorite shows returning with new episodes weigh heavy on our minds.

So since we have to wait another 80-plus days for the season premiere of The Mentalist, we decided to make a list.

Read on, TV Fanatics, and see if our hopes and dreams for The Mentalist Season 6 match yours. Vote for what you'd most like to see happen come fall and don't forget to share your thoughts and add anything we've missed in the comments below.

Jane's Wild West

Our Mentalist Season 6 Wish List:

The Big Reveal. Yes, we finally want to know Red John's true identity. It's been five seasons. It's about time we know.

A Love Interest for Cho. One that doesn't involve a hooker, a junkie, or any other type of criminal. Someone worthy of the character we've grown to love.

More Rigsby and Van Pelt. It took a long time for these two to find their way back to one another. We're hoping to see this couple stay happy for a while.

Jisbon. That's the shipper name for Jane and Lisbon for those not in the know. A Jane / Lisbon pairing has been hinted at and teased for five seasons. It's included an I love you from Patrick that he later side stepped and many doe eyed looks for Teresa. It's about time these two had an honest conversation about how they feel for one another.

A Kiss. For those of us who don't care about the talking and want a little more action, a real kiss between this dynamic duo would make us cheer.

Casual Time. Wouldn't it be great to see the entire team spend a little more time outside the CBI?

Real Danger for Our Core Team. Show creator Bruno Heller promised that Red John will be targeting closer to home this season. We're hoping that means RJ will go after someone on Jane's immediate team. Not that we want to see Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, or Van Pelt die at the hands of the merciless serial killer…but having one of them in serious peril will have us glued to the screen.

YOUR turn: Pick the story you're most hoping for on The Mentalist Season 6...

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Ok, Entwife, I'll give you half of that but when Lisbon has enough of his BS, the first thing she says is you're off the team. Why would she keep saying that if she is totally excepting of Jane. She does give him enough room but she does have a bottom line. When Jane asked Lisbon not to listen to him and Lorelei, Lisbon had a bottom line. She listened and told him I'm not your girlfriend, I'm a cop. She wants Jane as a partner but he has to play by the rules. What Lisbon trusts about Jane is that he will be able to operate within the agreed set of rules alone. If he doesn't, she checks him. She accepts and trust him until she has to check him.


@ anitraward,
You said, "Lisbon will only except the good side of him with his bad side in the past." I disagreed with you because Jane has clearly not left his bad side in the past, and she already accepts him as her partner.


Actually, I agree that Lisbon, while willing to see the good in Jane, will draw the line when his behavior is too much at odds with her standards. I notice that both of them bend a little; Jane willing to control himself a bit, Lisbon willing to bend the rules a bit. Push may come to shove if, in a showdown with Red John, Lisbon defies Jane and arrests RJ, thus derailing Jane's determination to kill him. We will see then how important one is to the other. Heller has indicated that this major difference of opinion is not just theoretical, so I expect it to come into play. Will possible principle triumph over possible love or will it be just the opposite? The writers could work the plot so it allows a compromise that makes both feel they got what they wanted to some acceptable degree of satisfaction. Regardless, can't wait to see how a Jane-Lisbon standoff over RJ would play out.


Mmm @ani & @rationalgal I can't agree with you at all about Lisbon only accepting the good in Jane. She's struggled mightily to be there for him and accept him. Her final price was loyalty. Jane would be loyal to her at the bottom line or she would cut him loose, no matter how bad it hurt her. She was willing to work with anything except disloyalty. When she showed Jane that line, he started changing his behavior right away. Not perfectly, but unmistakably in my opinion and I think he's made it very clear to Lisbon that his loyalty is to her, that he is her partner. These changes happened polst-Lorelei and TWBB. She knows it now. How it will stand up under the pressures of Red John's demise will surely be a test and it will be so interesting to see how it plays out!


Rationalgal, I appreciate your intelligence, rock on and may the universe be at one with you. I look foward to the episode discussions. It's your move!


Jane may actually not have much difficulty becoming consistently decent (but probably never able to accept boundaries that make no sense to him). Heller compared fake psychics who use their natural empathy and intelligence to give people hope (and of course get paid to do it) with clergy who do similar hope-creating activities. This makes me think of former clergy I know who spent a near lifetime promoting a belief system they came to doubt and then reject. After some emotional discomfort they realized they could use their empathy and intelligence in secular forms of social service and all was well. Jane has already started on that path by using his skills against criminals and in one ep to help an Iraq veteran with PTSD. He will always have an emotional tie to the carney world, but not so much as to want to go back to it. It should be easy for him to take up a (no doubt free lance) mentalist career helping people.


I do not believe Jane is at fault in anyway for the death of his family. How could he ever know what kind of statement would make someone react the way Red John did. It's almost like he has survivor's guilt. If he could realize he is not at fault he might be able to see how manipulated he has been by Red John.


My biggest question about Jane is, how will he navigate in his new life, if he accepts it without losing what makes him uniquely Jane? Part of this process or even the thought if it has to be depressing. Who will Jane be without the con? What effect will it have on his personality? The next biggest question is what does he get in exchange for his transformation? And will it be worth it to him?


So Rationalgal, from what you state he has changed some but my question is how much? Has it been enough to turn him around. Does he now accept life differently from how he was raised. Can he operate inside a procedural box without feeling trapped?


Rationalgal, that is the answer beautifully stated. That, I believe is who Jane really is at heart.

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