The Mentalist Season 6: What We Hope to See

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September 29th feels like it's a long way off. Mostly because it is. And as much as we enjoy summer, the cool breezes of autumn and our favorite shows returning with new episodes weigh heavy on our minds.

So since we have to wait another 80-plus days for the season premiere of The Mentalist, we decided to make a list.

Read on, TV Fanatics, and see if our hopes and dreams for The Mentalist Season 6 match yours. Vote for what you'd most like to see happen come fall and don't forget to share your thoughts and add anything we've missed in the comments below.

Jane's Wild West

Our Mentalist Season 6 Wish List:

The Big Reveal. Yes, we finally want to know Red John's true identity. It's been five seasons. It's about time we know.

A Love Interest for Cho. One that doesn't involve a hooker, a junkie, or any other type of criminal. Someone worthy of the character we've grown to love.

More Rigsby and Van Pelt. It took a long time for these two to find their way back to one another. We're hoping to see this couple stay happy for a while.

Jisbon. That's the shipper name for Jane and Lisbon for those not in the know. A Jane / Lisbon pairing has been hinted at and teased for five seasons. It's included an I love you from Patrick that he later side stepped and many doe eyed looks for Teresa. It's about time these two had an honest conversation about how they feel for one another.

A Kiss. For those of us who don't care about the talking and want a little more action, a real kiss between this dynamic duo would make us cheer.

Casual Time. Wouldn't it be great to see the entire team spend a little more time outside the CBI?

Real Danger for Our Core Team. Show creator Bruno Heller promised that Red John will be targeting closer to home this season. We're hoping that means RJ will go after someone on Jane's immediate team. Not that we want to see Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, or Van Pelt die at the hands of the merciless serial killer…but having one of them in serious peril will have us glued to the screen.

YOUR turn: Pick the story you're most hoping for on The Mentalist Season 6...

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Drea xoxo

i want @micheal 's prediction/theory to come true. that would refreshen the show whilst also warranting more series!!! do want jisbon but more RJ to be revealed and then the minions get taken down because at this point they are more important and relevant


Jisbon kiss.
Yes to a Lisbon story arc. It is bad to say but maybe one of her brothers could get killed. I want Jane to be there for Lisbon.

Sue ann

I agree with tahonia. I don't believe Jane has room in his heart for anyone but his family, and the occasional child he helps. I certainly think he and Lisbon are totally unsuited to each other. I would like Red John identified.


1 Red John on the run I think it would be cool if Red John was on the run from Jane
2 After finding out who Red John is have him get kill possible in January and have the rest of the season be able taking the rest of his people down end of show
3 Lisbon joinning the FBI and Cho taking over her spot
4 Rigsby & Van Pelt get married and have children and they get kill leding to Jane to come out of retirment


Knowing who RJ is needn't end the series. They still have to find him (if one of the 7 he goes in hiding) and untangle his minion enterprise that as compromised law enforcement throughout. Other than that, what I REALLY want to see is Lisbon and Van Pelt secretly collaborate to bring down RJ while RJ is watching Jane. He as always needed women's help (Angela, Lisbon, those nurses, etc.) and he respects women. RJ is a sexist pig who kills mostly women. He would never suspect L&VP were up to something because what do women know? VP already started nuzzling up to Stiles so she gets info there. Lisbon heard Bertram quote the Blake poem and plays poker with the judge. She will soon relate him to Jared's dying message. She will see how he and Bertram relate. VP can get any cyber info she wants, having taken special classes. They will bring RJ to Jane who will do what he has to do as a mentalist. Yea team!!


My problem about wanting a Red John reveal is that I think it will end the series as all the episodes are names with a reference to red in some way: fire, blood, or hue. How can that continue if there is no need to search further for Red JOhn? And I definitely don't want the series to end yet. I love the playful way that Patrick can figure out the clues. And I"m not a Jisbon shipper; I don't think there's anyone or thing in Patrick's heart except himself--even for his family, I think he feels more guilt than deep love. That being said, I never miss this show and I adore Patrick Jane and Cho--and VanPelt and Rigsby. Not Lisbon.


I was doing The 12 Days of Jisbon over on Tumblr. The 11th day is favorite Lisbon-centric episode. It shocked me that aside from Red Badge 2x3, there really is there really isn't one! Made me a bit angry. I did some actual research, refreshing my mind about each episode in five seasons for another possibility. So, I’m in a muddle and I’m ticked off that as important as Teresa Lisbon is to the entire saga, critical even, there is only one definite Lisbon-centric episode. Here’s where I join those that are calling for Lisbon arcs in season six. HEAR, HEAR! Long overdue and much needed.


I want to finally see RJ go after Lisbon. I'm dying to see what Jane's reaction would be to that. A Jane / Lisbon kiss would be epic. And Cho definitely deserves his own story. The romance with Summer was a disaster from beginning to end.


I'll be disappointed if Red John doesn't target Lisbon one way or another. I think he'd have killed her already but he knows Patrick cares about her, and he wants Patrick to be the one to kill Lisbon(much like in the s4 finale). I'm really hoping the season will be serialized and every episode involves Red John. The premiere might even start from exactly where the season finale left us, with Jane explaining to Lisbon his elaborate plan to fool Red John. Red John is still at least one step ahead, though, otherwise he'd never have let Lorelei get caught and live long enough to reveal anything.


1. I want to know the three secrets Jane knows about Lisbon.
2. A Lisbon arc.
3. Jane to be worried about Lisbon because of Red John.
4. Finally catch Red John.
5. Jane and Lisbon kiss.
6. A SEASON 7!

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