The Originals at Comic-Con: A Unique Premiere, An Epic Romance and More

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At Comic-Con today, Julie Plec said she was faced with a challenge:

How do you write an October premiere for fans who did not watch the backdoor pilot that aired during this prior season on The Vampire Diaries? The producer's answer? You turn things over to the one and only Daniel Gillies.

"It will be told from Elijah's point of view... Elijah comes in to find out what trouble Klaus is up to," Plec said of how the official Season 1 premiere will focus on "similar scenes and moments that we didn't get to see in the pilot."

Among other highlights revealed by Plec and cast members during an entertaining Q&A session with fans:

  • Rebekah will appear both on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 opener - to wrap up her romance with Matt - and then on The Originals second episode. ("She's still hoochin' it up with Matt Donovan," Plec said.)
  • The romance between Klaus and Caroline is far from over. It may even become the stuff of legends, Plec teased: "She's basically the Buffy to his Angel. She left an impact."
  • In the meantime, though, Klaus will not be involved with his baby mama. "I don't see romance," between Klaus and Hayley," Phoebe Tonkin said. "They will have to become a team to take care of this baby on the way," though.
  • Gillies says Elijah "100 percent thinks he still has feelings for Katherine," but he's off to New Orleans due to the "level of his devotion to his family."
  • We will see flashbacks involving Charles Michael Davis' Marcel and how he first met Klaus.
  • We were also treated to an alternative ending of the backdoor pilot, one that featured Danielle Campbell's witch locked in a tower and losing her temper. Big time.
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gotta say i love caroline and klaus, i want them together so much... but please, just please, there is no comparison with the leyend of buffy and angel... i mean they are the most fantastic-makes-me-cry love of all times! no tv couple compares, not even chuck and blair, or jack and rose from the titanic...

Sarah silva

Looking forward to this show! I still think it would be paired better on Thursdays with TVD.


If they bring Caroline to TO then the best characters of TVD will have left that show, lol. Love Elijah.


I can't wait to see TO series premiere. It's going to be very exciting and interesting!!