Twisted Review: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

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Twisted has finally hit the Pretty Little Liars level of creepiness. Of course, the whole show is based on a murder case, but "Docu-Trauma" featured pranks that brought things to a whole new level.

The question of the night is this: do you believe the final confession?

Searching For Clues

So things kicked off pretty well. Danny and Lacey were hot and heavy, basking in the glow of new love... or at least lust. Jo was even getting asked out by Tyler, played by Chris Zylka. It's too bad Tyler turned out to be a grade A d-bag because Jo could really use the distraction! Danny referred to her as being "like a sister." Ouch, it must've hurt to get friend-zoned like that! Then again Rico has been feeling that pain for weeks, probably even months.

He told someone I was like his sister. Unless we’ve time travelled back to the middle ages I’m pretty sure that rules out anything ever happening. | permalink

Then the prank with the jump-ropes happened on the front lawn. Jarring yes, but not full on terrifying. I never realized until this episode that Lacey and Jo had seen Tara Desai's dead body. I guess we forget how traumatic that day was for them too. It's sure to stir up awful memories.

Then we get to the uber-creepy part. Danny and Lacey are making out and having a picnic in the dark woods, which is just asking for trouble. Ever heard of just going to some random restaurant a few towns away? Anyway, suddenly these guys with Danny masks and hair pop out and stand there with red jump ropes around their neck. Obviously Lacey and Danny were followed, so could Archie have made this plan? Are Archie and Tyler in cahoots? It seems likely that Tyler was the one behind the prank at the party. The masks part just really reminded me of PLL.

Also who do you think was filming Danny and Lacey at the end? It probably wasn't Tyler at that point, he was never in the outfit and mask at the party. How long do you give it until Jo finds out about them? Lastly, what was up with Karen's confession? Does anybody believe she'd actual kill Regina?

Karen is shady, but it seems likely she is covering for Danny and trying to spare him more humiliation. She walked in and saw that horrible prank and she loves her son more than anything. She loves him enough to go to jail for him. Or perhaps maybe Karen is a lot shadier than we thought and she knew about Regina's possible affair with Vikram. Things are getting more intense each week!

Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories on the latest episode of Twisted!


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... she came through for Danny by running to help him at the very party she didn't want to be seen at once she realized something bad might be happening to him.


I really liked this episode for character development. We got to see why Lacey is so cautious and guarded (she was the first to see the body and it haunts her still; she worked really hard to get past her trauma and being an outcast and is really fearful of reliving that part of her life again). I can understand her hesitation to keep things on the DL for a bit longer -- outing her relationship means giving up her entire social life and friends, makes Danny (and her) more of a target for the crazies, putting her back in outcast territory and making her dependent on just Danny and Jo (she doesn't have a strong family support system like the Mastersons either so she really has had to be super independent and rely on herself). Danny is very vulnerable in this relationship because he wants/need Lacey more than the reverse. Its why I found her a little bit cruel during the episode, but she did have her reasons (and her defense mechanism is to put up walls immediately), and she came through for Danny when it mattered (ran to the very party she did not want to be seen at when she realized something bad might be happening to Danny).

Sarah silva

I love this show!
This episode was fantastic!
Those Danny masks were super freaky. I like horror movies but those masks creeped me out!
As much as I like Chris Zylka, his character Tyler is not a good guy!
I felt bad for Danny. Yes it the midst of it all he kept a level had and managed to joke about it all a little bit.
Karen did not kill Regina, she just confessed so that Kyle would lay off Danny.
I still think Archie killed her and I too think he was behind the mask prank with Tyler.
Once again there were some great and funny lines in this show, one of my favorites was when Rico was talking about Tyler and comparing him to a shark and said he was tan. Then Danny asked if sharks are actually tan.
Looking forward to next week!


love this show, this episode and danny and lacey relationship


(Cont'd) ... Tyler's plans. I loved the Jo and Lacey talk... FINALLY!!! I love those two. It's clear the only way to make Lacey likeable, for some fan girls, is for Lacey to be mystical and perfect... even then, THAT would be a problem. This fandom is starting to get annoying.


LOVED the episode. People are psychotic when it comes to Lacey... if it were Jo, they would make all the excuses in the world for her behavior. Let's not forget, Jo, in a day, chose to trust Tyler over Danny. If Jo were in Lacey's position as the popular girl, and Rico had been killed, I have no doubts that she'd make the same decisions as Lacey and that is being charitable. No one cares that Lacey has feelings and is dealing with TWO murders that are associated with someone very close to her. That matters. Lacey did make me cringe a couple of times, but she's supposed to be a teen, she's scared and she's still trying to figure things out. She and Jo saw the body, she is carrying a lot of guilt, she is dating the boy who the town thinks murdered her best friend and admitted to using a jump rope to kill another human being. Is it okay for her to freak out sometimes? If it were Jo, people would be talking about how heroic Jo returned to save Danny and Lacey after learning of Tyler's plans. I loved the Jo and Lacey talk... FINALLY!!! I love those two. It's clear the only way to make Lacey likeable, for some fan girls, is for Lacey to be mystical and perfect... even then, THAT would be a problem. This fandom is starting to get annoying.


I actually do not like lacey at all. She is too much of a wimp. Making Danny and Jo hide their friendship with her. Grow up! It's selfish.
I find the fact that Danny calls his mom 'mother' all the time weird. Norman Bates weird.


I'm sorry but PLL is not creepy. When I saw the masked people it was a letdown. So they're going the PLL route? Sad. That show is so poorly written it isn't funny.


If I were Danny that hurtful stunt would be the final straw for me and I would stop being friendly. Aside from Lacey (who needs to stop caring what others think) Jo, and her mom, the entire town are a bunch of jerks. I would consider moving. I am glad that Jo dumped that jerk with the camera. My thing is why haven't Danny or Lacey told Jo about them? Especially Danny unless he knows how she feels but says he sees her as a sister

Spindae 2o

So 1 word the episode was PERFECT! Danny and Lacey are perfect together. I love Lacey struggling but she would never miss a chance to defend the save the day. Her talk with Jo was so sweet and so over neccesarry.
Jo and her man. She likes Danny, Taylor and Rico want her. Really sweet and it's quite nice to see her not knowing what to do. Rico is amazing. So sweet and disturbed. Taylor and his mad charm are really speeding up the game. So the mask thing is so weird. I just don't know if they are fans of danny or making fun of him.

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