Under the Dome Review: Connected to the Dome

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It took almost a week, but the concern over food, water and supplies finally became an issue for the residents of Chester's Mill.

One of the biggest annoyances with Under the Dome so far has been the overwhelming level of calm throughout the town. Even with the deaths, disease outbreak and every day strife, the residents continued to live as if the Dome wasn't there at all.

Fighting for Water

In "The Endless Thirst," the threat from the Dome became real ... finally! With the water supply compromised, the residents started to worry about the basic necessities of survival. And Angie got free from Junior! Those two events alone made this the best episode since the premiere. Then, the clues revealed about Joe and Norrie, plus the Julia and Barbie kiss made it even better. 

The Dome is clearly becoming an entity and character itself. It's communicating somehow through Joe and Norrie, while also perhaps gauging the town's needs through them as well. Given the deaths since the show's premiere, I have to wonder if the Dome wants a human sacrifice each day in return for providing the necessary sustenance to keep the other residents alive.

The deaths have all happened in different ways, but none of them so far have been of natural causes. They were all killed directly from the Dome or due to the situation created within the town due to the Dome's existence. As a human experiment, I find that concept intriguing. If the deaths continue, the town will slowly run out of people, which could be problematic for the Dome, if it's a life form.

The Dome and the consequences of it are something I'll definitely continue to watch. At this point, the characters are starting to grow on me as well. Norrie and Joe are such a cute pair. Julia was a good choice to confide in about their secret, but Dodee is a bit of a wild card. Will she be able to keep it a secret? And, if not, was Julia correct in worrying about the town's reaction. My guess is absolutely not and unfortunately yes. 

The townspeople are already afraid of the Dome, they don't need to be afraid of Norrie and Joe too. With Julia and Barbie getting close (they kissed!), it's possible that she'll bring him into the trust circle. He's smart and given his background that could be helpful to the situation. Barbie almost killed several rioters, but he stopped himself. He has discipline when necessary.

Big Jim continues to lack that quality. He continued to throw his power around. As much as Junior should pay for what he did to Angie, she'd be smart to take Big Jim's offer. She could always reveal the truth later. For now, Big Jim has the ability to provide the resources she needs to keep both her and her brother alive.

I've been hard on Under the Dome after the premiere, but it's finally moving in a direction that has real threats and consequences. I wish this hour had been episode 3 or 4, but there are still a few more left to tell the story. Plus, Under the Dome has been renewed for season 2.

Was this episode an improvement? Should Angie take Big Jim's deal? Happy about the Julia and Barbie kiss? 


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So let me get this straight...everybody is living together in harmony, dome or not, and then suddenly they all turn into rioters...but wait, it's rains and they all stop and hug each other...please, how dumb can this series get. Bring on the aliens already and get it over with.

Sue ann

Last night I gave it up. The first couple of weeks, I re-watched the show online to make sure I missed nothing. The third and fourth weeks, I watched it once, as it was broadcast. The fifth week, I fell asleep watching it. And last night, I shut the TV off when they started rioting. That's it. I can't say there is a person there I could care to see live or die, except Junior, and he can only die once. I am not going to watch this, waiting with bated breath for that to happen.


Wow... can this show be anymore contrived?


6 episodes with no improvement and a second season means I'm out.


My 15 year old son and I were watching this together and getting really fed up.
Now that we found out they plan a season 2, we are done.
We just read the whole synopsis on Wiki and will no longer be watching the show.
I know we are not alone. Season 2? This is a very bad summer mini series that is boring, dragging on too long already and no way will it keep the numbers it has now.
CBS way over estimated the actual staying power of a summer show, when there is not much on too watch. Also we were hanging in there because there is suppose to be an END~!!!
Not more of it.


This is my issue with Stephen King. He starts off good, gets boring, gets good again and then ends with aliens from outer space. This show is boring now. 40 million watching? If you add up all the weeks together.


Being renewed is actually annoying. Even though I fairly enjoy this show, I do think it would be better if it was just a once season story. I hate it when shows go on and on and on and on........ think Lost. Thanks for reviewing.

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Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Julia: Honestly I"m a little scared. What happens when we run out of everything. What do we do then?
Barbie: I don't know.

Barbie: These people. These people are scared.
Linda: To tell you the truth, so am I.