Yancey Arias Books Two-Episode Arc on Castle Season 6

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Yancey Arias has booked a two-episode arc on Castle Season 6. (If there is a Castle season 6... hurry back, Nathan Fillion!)

According to TV Line, the veteran actor (who turned up on fellow ABC drama Revenge last season as a shady senator) will portray Carl Villante, the head of an elite investigative unit.

Look for the character to butt heads with Beckett and Castle during the working of a high-stakes investigation.

Yancey Arias Pic

Does this mean Beckett remains in New York?

The previously-announced casting of Lisa Edelstein as a federal investigator in D.C. appeared to hint in the opposite direction.

But we'll find out for sure when Castle returns with new episodes on September 23.

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There is trouble in Paradise, I hope ABC and Nathan Fillion kiss and makeup soon because the competition this fall will be brutal, CBS moved Hawaii 5-0 to Fridays, CBS new show "Hostage" will take over in that slot against "Castle" and NBC is programing their new show "The Blacklist" with James Spader for Mondays at 10:00pm too and who knows which show is Fox throwing Castle's way. Maybe Nathan don't want to do the show anymore 6 years will burn you out. Nothing last for ever. In any case I hope we all give Castle the outstanding support we gave it last year I know I will even if it's the last season.


All these new investigator type characters added to the S6 storyline. How to fit the Castle screen presence into the federal crime fighting scenario and still keep the love relationship credible? Beckett resigns from NYPD twice in one year? The couple worked together at the same desk at the 12th precinct for 5 years and both had miscommunication issues all over the place. Viewers are supposed to now accept a long distance engagement? It makes no sense really.

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